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Daily Archives: July 15, 2012

Hazards of military life…. sitting and waiting….

Sometimes the reality of being a military wife is stronger than other times. I know I’ve posted today, but the reality of military life is hitting stronger tonight than normal. We have been dealing with a lot in our lives right now. So getting a call from my husband’s Chief on my hubby’s cell phone is not a good thing. His chief called to let me know my hubby has had a work accident and is on his way to the base hospital. They said it wasn’t bad, but what can I do? I just have to sit and wait.

I wish I could be like most wives and rush to the hospital. But the base has two hospitals and my hubby has the car. So blue eyes is in bed and I’m sitting here waiting to hear something from the chief.

Oh the joys of being a military wife….

Anti-Drama Mama

I try to keep my home drama free. If you got drama leave it at the door. Bad things happen of course, but I don’t need the added hassle of the drama you bring in. That being said, I do try to help when people really need it. I am part of a wonderful group of women who have babies the same age as my little blue eyed man. It hurts to know that one of the woman decided they didn’t want to allow us the privacy to vent and went to “report” it to another group of women who take delite in talking down to people. I won’t quit interacting with my group, but it did make me look twice at my friendship with her.
I deal with enough drama thank you. I have the drama of the military who can’t ever decide something simple. My hubby may be leaving for a month, but even that is unsure. It’s like being prepared to say good-bye at every moment and having a bag packed. It can put a little stress on life sometiems.
Then I have drama with my school. As much as I love cutting hair and coloring it, there is a certain amount of drama that comes with being around all women, especially ones straight out of highschool. Thanks but I don’t need to deal with the fact that you hate someone from highschool! You are only in this school for a little over a year, then you don’t ever have to see them again.

A happier note? My hubby is really booking it with repairs. He has new shingles on the siding of the house. He and his brother have decided that the little fishscale shingles look funny and they are coming down. Thank goodness! It looked like a gingerbread house and a little weird. We also picked new house colors that will look much better than the faded green color we had. So sometimes blessings come in disguise.
The pups have finally accepted our new couches as well. We found them in a garage sale. The guy traveled to much to use them and they are brand new!!! The first day the dogs would go sleep on the old couch that hasn’t been removed from the house yet. Now they are curled up contentedly snoozing away on the couches.
I should be going, I have some stuff to do, and it’s blue eyes 6 month appointment tomorrow.

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