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Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

The waiting is over….

Thankfully my hubby is okay. He had a lythium battery explode in his hand and has some second degree burns on his hands. He also has to get breathing treatments because he sounded terrible. Thankfully the other person wasn’t hurt. Just had some breathing treatments and she was released. But hubby is still going in to work and has some meds to keep it from hurting too bad. It was a long wait while I found out what was happening and then his chief came to get me so I could drive home. I know it hurt my hubby pretty bad since he was sleep talking all night and flinched every time he brushed his hand against the covers.

So we had to go back to the doctors today. The doctor didn’t say anything new. Blue eyes had his six month check up today. He was in the 96% for height and 16% for weight. In all they said not to be worried about it, he was healthy as can be. Just really thin and tall. He also has his bottom two teeth. As if daddy and baby going to the doc wasn’t enough, mommy had to go get some vitamin shots. Glad today is almost over with. Daddy is at work, and baby is taking a nap. Mommy gets a few minutes before getting to the housework.

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