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Daily Archives: July 17, 2012

Red at night, saliors delight

I have to admit, I am a Jane by Design junkie. I love the story, the clothes and the fact that you feel good watching it. It makes me want to dig up all the old clothing designs I used to draw and see if I can give them life.
So with this happy go lucky feeling the baby is tucked in bed and my two puppies are filling my hubby’s spot until he can come home.

My poor hubby’s hand looks deep even if its a semi-small surface area. I know it hurts him because he was sleep talking and kept muttering about it. There’s something almost childlike in the way men handle pain. With his poor little wrapped up hand, he finally admitted he needed so
me help with a splinter he got cleaning up the house fire. I got to play doctor only to find it was a metal sliver and he’s lucky it wasn’t more infected than it was. His hand is all wrapped up, his toe has been cleaned up and I almost had to laugh at the poor site he made. Its normally me that’s clumsy, and granted his injuries are not from a self inability to walk, but it was nice to know it wasn’t me hurt for once.

Little mr. Blue eyes was happy all day, which is a very welcome relief. We did keep him up later since he’s been waking up four times a night for the last couple of days. Hopefully when hubby gets back from his midnight grocery run he will give the baby a bottle so I can sleep. School comes awful early in the morning for this mama.

As rough as this month has been, it seems like things may finally be getting better. They always say its darkest before the dawn. I think the daylight may be breaking. Let’s just hope its not red.

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