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Daily Archives: July 22, 2012

My own Series of Unfortunate Events

Maybe I should rename this blog…. of all the crazy things that have been happening, this has been the craziest month in a long time. Just when I think things should finally calm down, everything continues. This has been a long week.

What else has happened? Oh my brother-in-law is on his way to hopefully to get custody of his son. That would be so great for him. It’s been a little stressful for the whole house though. By the end of tomorrow we should know what’s happening. It would be fun to have another little boy around the house. I’ve always liked a full home. All we have to do is finish painting the room and fix the carpet. We already have a little bed for him and everything.

As for the bad luck, we babysat a puppy which I never mind, but the pup peed on every single one of my couches and beds. I don’t think that little dog went outside once, even when we made her play out there.  That’s always rough. I hate having to spay my house down with viniger. We also got phone calls saying my Grandma has cancer again. I’m really worried about her. It was really rough on her last time, and as selfish as it sounds, I’m not ready for her to have anythign else wrong with her. I’m so glad we were able to stop and let her see her great-grandson. He grinned and cheesed for her so big. They were planning to come visit next month, I really hope they’ll be able to. Otherwise somehow we’ll have to figure it out. The same time I found out about my grandma, hubby was on the phone with his. She had a heart-attack the other day. It’s so horrible. She had a check up last week and everything was okay. Hubby’s grandma is his world. Please keep both of our grandmas in your prayers.

hubby’s grandma and blue eyes

We can handle a house fire, we can handle minor injuries to ourselves, but somehow when it comes down to injuries to our baby or our family, it’s always so much harder to bare.

cheesing with grandma

On a happier note? Baby blue eyes is sitting on his own! He crawled over to the middle of the floor yesterday and when I turned around, there he was sitting grinning at me. Give him some Trix cereal and he’s happy as a clam. The only thing is now that he knows how to crawl, his favorite thing to do is crawl over to the pups and bite their tails. Blackjack will sit and wait for him to get tired of it, but Domino has been a bit of a butt. I had to warn him not to get attitude with the baby. Lord knows as soon as blue eyes is walking Domino will be running for cover.

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