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Daily Archives: July 23, 2012

Get me to the church on time…

I’m in a wedding on Saturday. A very good friend of mine who was also one of my first room-mates. I’m excited, but it always makes you think of your own wedding. Have you ever seen My Fair Lady? Anyways that song, get me to the church, gets stuck in my head it plays over and over until I want to scream. Only one day in the world did I think it was the greatest song ever…. the day I almost missed my own wedding.

As I’ve said, I met my husband in the military. We were both going to school, and due to him convincing all of my friends that I should give him a shot, he eventually got his date and the rest is history. lol So when it came time for us to plan a wedding, we had pure and utter chaos. I was supposed to deploy, and half way through my deployment he was to deploy and his ship would replace mine. So either we got married quickly or wait almost a year and a half. Us being us, we decided to get married first. In three months we planned a wedding, and in the final weeks I went out to sea.

We were stressed out enough, without our final push being at sea. The day before I was supposed to fly off of the ship, the cods broke down. If you haven’t dealt with a ship before, those are the planes that carry saliors back an forth. So I waited anxiously for any news of them being fixed. Since I was an Air Traffic Controller, I knew I would get off the ship the first plane, but I wasn’t going anywhere if the plane couldn’t fly. Hours ticked by until we heard that the cod was back up and running. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to run to my berthing (bunk). In two minutes I gathered up all my wedding boquets and rushed up to the room to get my cranial (the funny hats they wear during flight). I hate heights. They make me a little sick, so going to the top of the ship while we were at sea, was not my favorite idea. But since I was following a friend up, I took a deep breath and up I went. Standing on a flight deck while at sea is a neat experience. The water is getting closer and further every other minute. And then finally, I boarded the plane.

Taking off from a ship is a little like a roller coaster. You sit backwards with your arms crossed and your head down. Then all of a sudden your off. Your stomach drops and in a few seconds you are catapulted off the ship. The rest of the plane ride was quicker than I thought it would be. But it was slow. I had another plane to catch and I didn’t even know if I would get back to land in time.  When we landed I paced back and forth waiting for my bags so I could hop in the car with my friend. She had my dress sitting in the back seat waiting for me.

I barely got to the airport in time. I had to change out of my uniform in the airport. I must have looked pretty funny with my boots hanging off my bag, uniform in one hand and dress in the other. At the airport I got randomly selected for security test. They took apart my whole bag and I told them they better not crush my wedding stuff. I almost cried as I watched them take apart the entire bag. Then they opened up my wedding dress and I was so afraid they would get it dirty. As I was standing there I could hear them announcing my flight. I was getting so upset. When they were finally done they let me help pack everything back up, and I had to RUN through the airport to catch my plane. I was out of breath when I got there, and the lady could see I was worn out. The whole trip I was so nervous. Thank goodness for the nice people who let me ramble on the plane. I hadn’t seen my “fiance`” in almost four months and I was so nervous about getting married.

At my layover I finally had a chance to settle down. It was the first real food I had eaten in a couple months, and I was enjoying the stop. I even got myself a drink to try to calm down. As funny as it sounds, I was a little reluctant to get on the second plane. It made the wedding real. I went to pay and someone had paid my ticket for me. They had seen my cover on top of my dress and told the waiter to tell me thank you for serving. I did cry then. You have no idea how much it means when people pay for a meal or a drink for you. I was alone, homesick and worried I wouldn’t make it to my own wedding. The man’s kindness was amazing. If by chance you read this blog, know a military bride was thankful for a real meal.

I made it to my last plane and settled in for the final flight. It went quicker than the rest of the trip, even if in reality it was the longest part. When the plane finally landed, I was one of the last people so I could keep my dress from getting crushed. As I walked, I noticed people kept looking at me and the grin on my face. I took my time and caught my breath. When I finally got to the escalator, I could see tons of feet. Way more than there should have been since I was almost the last person off the plane. At the very bottom of the stairs, my fellow passangers and their families had formed a semi-circle around my hubby and they were patiently waiting for me to greet him. For the first time all day I dropped both my uniform and my dress and ran. I don’t think I have ever been so glad to see someone and so embarassed of the attention we got.

The rest of the wedding was a blur, but that one moment, was the most perfect meeting I could have asked for. It was something you would see in a movie. I wonder sometimes if those families ever think about the young military couple in the airport. We’re doing good! We’ve been married 3 years and 4 months. We have a beautiful baby and two adorable pets. I’ve gotten my movie moment, and now Get me to the Church on Time makes me smile.

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