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Daily Archives: July 31, 2012

To all the crappy joint custody parents who don’t try….

I feel horrible for all of the parents who try to be part of their child’s lives only to have the other parent be a snarky b%*#@ and not let them even talk to their child. We’ve been dealing with that lately. It’s so horrible. My brother in law is an amazing person who loves his son very much. For the last four years he hasn’t been able to talk to his son or pick him up for visitation. Because she won’t let him. He finally went to court to get his son for the promised two weeks. It’s so sad that he had to pay a lawyer to see his son. He provides child support, takes care of the random other needs and goes out of his way to make sure his son has what he needs. What does she do? He’s playing, he’s sleeping, he’s at his grandma’s, anywhere but where he can talk to his daddy. When my brother in law does finally get his son, she had told him he won’t ever come home. He won’t get to see mickey like we promised and he’s scared to sleep alone. Plus we had to call because we found burn marks on him.

It’s been a rough two weeks to be sure. It’s not normal for him to be with his dad, and the bad habits he’s picked up from his mom’s are apparent sometimes. He throws fits when he doesn’t get his way, and doesn’t ever want to eat real food. But he’s a sweet kid too. He helped me put the baby for a nap and do the laundry. He plays games that are normal for older kids. He’s fun to be around, and slightly exhausting. He doesn’t even want to talk to his mom. He was willing to call his grandma, but when we even mention talking to his mom he says no.

I want to tell this lady please, don’t show up for christmas…. you’ll make it that much easier for us to get custody. Please please screw up again. Be the crappy person you have been by not showing up on the dates scheduled. Not letting him talk to his son, and leaving him with his grandparents for weeks on end. The only person you are screwing over is yourself.

This four year old boy deserves better than you. He deserves to know his daddy loves him and wants to provide for him. He deserves to see Mickey and Donald like we promised. He deserves to go swimming during the summer and not come home in burn marks. He deserves clothes that fit since you can’t seem to spend money on anything other than your car! He deserves the tent we put up in the back yard and the puppies he’s been chasing around our home. He deserves to know better than to throw a fit because you don’t care enough to say no.

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