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Forbidden fruit, please pass a napkin….

The Pet Pig

What’s happened to human etiquette? Or for that matter, even human decency. As most of us do, I found myself addicted to a less than proper television show…. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve been watching “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. Here’s why I’m ashamed to even admit I left it on the channel, let alone seek it out for an evening alone.
The very first episode I watched, two of the girls were taking etiquette classes. The language, farting and burping at the table where horrifying… I can’t believe anyone would allow their children to act in such a disgraceful manner in front of a stranger. I’m sure all of us have had less than graceful manners in front of our own family, but in front of a stranger? Just let baby blue eyes try it.

There is a lack of class in their family. There is no grammar, no manners, and no restraint on junk food. The junk food is another manner in and of itself; I won’t get into that here. This is what’s sad to me… I actually felt bad for their new pet pig. Pigs are an intelligent, clean animal despite their bad rep.
And yet, I did not change the channel. No, I sat there for one more half hour and watched another episode in which June (the mother) goes on a date with her boyfriend and the youngest gets ready for a pageant. I will respect that June made an effort to look nice for her date, I wish we could have put her on What Not To Wear for it (hint hint TLC, it’s your channel), but at least she put her best foot forward.

The three older daughter received pedicures while the mom and youngest got facials. That’s a nice thing for them. But as a studying cosmetologist, I would be appalled at the thought of hosting an entire family with their mouths. It was rude and not at all the appropriate behavior for a spa. There didn’t seem to be any other guests, but I could imagine they’d leave quickly with that family there. The poor girls who did the pedicures where very vague in their interview answers and kept it very diplomatic. I congratulate you ladies; I’ve seen lesser women lose their cool at events like that.

What has this world come to? This little girl is a beauty pageant girl…. that’s why she has her own show, but honestly? I’d like to give that whole family a smack upside the head. Teach those kids some respect for other people. Teach them how to not embarrass themselves and other people in a restaurant. And for goodness sake, please please teach them some grammar.

Does anyone feel the same? Please don’t hesitate to let me know how you feel about it.


Who are you scamming now?


Today was interesting that’s for sure. I have been called several days in a row by a restricted number… Knowing I have a lot of friends still in the military I generally answer it if it’s a reasonable time. Today cracked me up. It was from “The GLOBAL SERVER”. The global server? You’ve got to be kidding me….. As in internet server? I wasn’t born yesterday. My dad had me typing before I could walk, okay maybe not taht early, but pretty close. To sit and listen to a guy saying my computer’s ip address is hacking into their server makes me want to laugh. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Here’s a little bit of what’s wrong with his spill, to find out more about how the internet works try

#1 The internet is a COLLECTION of servers, not one global server.

#2 There are modems that dial to connect.

#3 If they had wanted to get my attention a POP address would have caught my attention better. That is the Point of Presence, what region does your computer access in?

#4  Routers….

  • It ensures that information doesn’t go where it’s not needed. This is crucial for keeping large volumes of data from clogging the connections of “innocent bystanders.”
  • It makes sure that information does make it to the intended destination. (how stuff works)

So how is my computer hacking through all of this while I’m not even on it? Right…. Thank you Global Server…. a call to my dad confirmed my suspicions and I’ve had my laugh for the day. I have requested they don’t call me again, but if they do, I’m going to have fun with this. :0)

Every boy loves Cartoons

Take a Gamble….

Bear (baby blue’s) & Gamble (Bil’s)

As I have said before, we have had an abandoned puppy living with us. At nine months, he is the sweetest, calmest dog I have ever seen. A little too calm for this busy household. He didn’t mesh as well with the other two as we had hoped either. It seemed like he was afraid of them. So sadly he had to go to the SPCA. They called the place where he got his rabies shot and they were able to track down the owner. He lied and said the puppy had been sold, but before we could even leave, they had found a good home for jerry/gamble. It was a tiny bit of a relief. He’s with a good family, and not always on our laps anymore.

I thought that’s where this story would end. But nope! They had some lab/cattle dog puppies that my BIL couldn’t resist. So we ended up with a new Gamble. This one is much more suited for Bil and he has somethign to accupy this time. He’s as cute as can be with his little white paw.

Hubby has been talking about getting Baby blue a puppy for his birthday. One that belongs to him and him alone. I haven’t been so sure about it, but we’ve already got one puppy in the house. I am NOT going to train one puppy, only to have to train another. I called the SPCA to find out if Gamble’s brother was still there. Even though they are closed on Sundays they called and said if I’d like to pick him up they would be willing to open for us. So Baby Blue has his puppy. We thought it wouldn’t exactly be appropriate for our baby boy to have a dog with a gambling name. Instead of continuing with  our casino names, we decided that this little boy would be named Bear. He will get almost as big as Blackjack, so Bear seems to be an appropriate name. Especially since we get told all the time that we don’t have dogs, we have mini bears. Thank goodness I only have to go through puppy training once more…. just think, by the time I’m done it will be little boy potty training. Man I have my work cut out for me.


Teacher Me?

Life had a funny way of going in circles. I started off after school with learning to teach and listen to other people. Spent more time than I have ever cared to on stages speaking in front of crowds of people. I put all of that aside for another communication job, an Air Traffic Controller. Pilots lives depended on my ability to communicate and make quick judgements. After the military, I decided I just want to cut hair, which I was surprised at how extremely vocal it is. You have to be extremely social and able to put your own life aside to talk to your customers/guests. Who would have thought my past would have given me the perfect ability to be able to do just that? For someone who isn’t the most social person, I seem to continually pick jobs where communication are key.

Today Mrs. H sought me out to see if I would be willing to teach some of the newer students how to braid. I thought my days of public speaking were over, but the next thing I knew I stood in front of a class teaching 15/20 kids (okay adults) how to do different types of braids. It was actually a challenge for me. I know how to braid, but it’s one thing to do it and another thing to teach it. I showed them several different types and then walked around as they tried different ones and helped with hand positions and how to manuever the hair. It was fun. I’m not used to getting to show people how to do something.

Afterwards one girl came up and asked how I learned to teach. How do you learn to teach? You have to assume they know nothing without making them feel like they are ignorant. It’s all about teaching people with respect and letting them know they can do it. Besides everyone learns differently. If you give me blank stares I need to back up and try a different approach. I’m not the best teacher in the world, but I really do want to help people reach their full potential.

We All Fall Down


We All Fall Down


Mr. Blue Eyes has discovered the wonderful world of standing. Not just standing, he’s in such a hurry to walk that we have a lot of falls. I’m sure most mommy’s can relate to that panicky feeling, “is my baby okay?” Yet we have to stand by and watch. At the moment he is standing with his new toy crying since he bonked his head on the handle. As a mommy I have a couple choices:

a) cuddle all his owies away

b) let him himself and know he’s okay

c) give him a kiss, tell him he’s okay and stand him back up.

Sometimes the right choice is the hardest. I had to stop writing for a moment to give my baby a kiss. A kiss and a “big boy” made him smile and try again to stand up. I’m glad he loves his new walking toy. He tries to stand all the time so it helps to have something else he can hold on to. But there are always moments like now where I have to take the toy away and let him try again later.

It’s good to allow my kid to try new things. It’s good for him in the spirit of adventure, and it’s good for me to remember that all I can do is guide. Some day he’ll have to try things on his own, and I won’t be able to step in and help. Today it’s standing, tomorrow it’ll be running, down the road some day it will be kindergarden and eventually he’ll enter the world on his own with only our love to carry him.

He’ll hopefully enter the world with little fear knowing mommy and daddy will be there to help him up. For now, I get to kiss and cuddle the owies. After he is done with his toy we’ll cuddle up and read a book. Enjoy some mommy time. After all, we all fall down. It’s only the brave who get back up.

Oreo sandwhich

Oreo Sandwhich

The puppies get along just fine..

Puppy to Stay!

Well the abandoned puppy is here to stay. My husband relented and my BIL is allowed to keep the abandoned puppy. He’s a sweet little dog. Not sure what he is, but we called his rabies tag and he is up to date on all his shots. The only thing we need is for him to get fixed. I know that’s horrible, but we don’t need any more male ego manliness in this house. We also have decided the name has to go for sure. Especially since it’s blue eyes middle name. So Gamble it is.

He’s a very gentle dog. I don’t know if we could have found a better fit into this family if we had tried. He’s so sweet and plays well with Domino. He follows us around aand is so uber nice to ian. In all this puppy is definitely a keeper.

Abandoned WHAT?

Abandoned puppy Jerry/Gamble

Some days it’s really hard to write. I have 10 hour days at school, and by the time I come home it’s time to clean up, put the baby to bed and maybe breathe before I pick up hubby from his work and collaspe in bed. Friday was nice. I’m doing really well with school. I got to do a couple hair cuts and colors. I love it!!! I wish I had some pictures. Maybe some time I’ll take my camera in and do a couple good photos.

I was angry to find out someone had backed into the front of my car. There’s some damage to the bumper. Not exactly what we needed to hear since we are still recovering from the house fire, and everything else that has happened. Last night the family and some friends met us up in Fresno to celebrate my friends birthday. The poor waiter always seemed to walk into our conversation at the wrong moment. Happens often when everyone there has been or is in the Navy. We have a random sense of humor. By the way PFChangs has a complimentary plate of fruit for babies and children! It was amazing. They were so understanding about a baby.

We didn’t get home until late and thankfully blue eyes was tuckered out enough that he slept in for us. I was in for a surprise when I woke up though. I walked outside to find one…. two…. three dogs in our backyard. I double checked and sure enough there was an extra dog playing with domino. Come to find out my BIL (brother in law) had taken the pups to the park. A guy had brought the pup in, made sure they played well together and then he took off. My BIL called after him, but the guy yelled back and kept walking. We were able to find out that he has all his shots and he is nine months old. He just needs to be fixed. Well….. we may have a new pup. Or rather my BIL may have a dog. The dog was originally named Jerry (kinda ironic in this family) but we’re thinking he may be renamed to Gamble. So we’d have Blackjack, Domino, and Gamble.

Happy 5 Years!


Cookies to celebrate my hubby’s 5 years in the military!


Today is my love’s 5th year in the Navy. It doesn’t seem like that long.

5 years is the same as:

60 months

260.887 weeks

1826.21 days

43829.1 hours

We haven’t always had the ability to be on the same coast. In fact most of our dating and the first years of marriage were seperated. In the first 2 1/2 years of marriage we spent a grand total of 3 months together. I know I’m throwing a lot of numbers at you, but lets just say, you never really forget the time served.

I’m very proud of where he is. He is a PO2 and has completed his officer’s packet. We are still trying to figure out if his command submitted it, but he did do everything asked of him. He is still going to school to finish up his degree, he is starting to volunteer at the local highschool as an assistant wresling coach, he goes to work, has every qualification he can, and somehow manages to take care of baby blue eyes while I go to school. He has provided us with a wonderful life

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