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Baby Blue and puppy

Baby blue cuddling with one of the puppies

MY COMPUTER IS BACK!!! Thank God one of my electronics is working! I had to do a factory restore, and spent all day trying to set it up. But it’s back!!! I’m so excited. I really don’t have the money to drop on a new one. Especially since this one is barely a year old. My camera is still down, but thank goodness for cell phones, and old cameras. I’ve been catching baby Blue Eyes moments on the two of those.

Baby blue got another tooth this past week. He’s so cute with his little teeth. His toothy grins are amazing. He’s practically running these days. It’s hard to keep up with him now. Although today, he was so tired that I put him to bed almost two hours early. I have missed writing. I missed the weekly challenges and the photos. I missed writing. I love writing.

Holidays are here! I’m so excited. Baby blue’s first holidays! We are going to stay home for thanksgiving, but hubby hasn’t been home for christmas in five years, so we can’t wait to celebrate with them. Then on to my family’s for new years!!! I love that we get enough time off to somewhat see everyone. It’s going to be really cold, but I can’t wait to see everyone. I want to see baby blue play in the snow for the first time. He’s never seen snow. Thankfully we have a friend who is willing to watch the pups, since driving with four dogs would be a bit of a pain.

Curse of the electronics

I hate to say it, but right now my electronics are cursed. My camera hasn’t charged in a while now, the heater went out in my car, my son broke the car key, my computer has a virus, and until today my phone wouldn’t update enough to run properly. It’s been a very trying couple of weeks electroniclly. It did open my eyes to how much I truly depend on modern technology. Even our games have electronics to them.
In some ways this past couple of weeks have been nice. I didn’t carry my phone, or check my email every time a new one popped up. I read a book! I haven’t done that in a while. I finished another crochet project. I long goofy hat my hubby wanted. Eventually pictures will come.

On the home front, things haven’t been the easiest. Usually only one of us is sick at a time. The past three days all of us have been sick. Poor blue eyes doesn’t understand and wants to be held all the time. I just tucked him into the bed with daddy and I and we all slept. I’ve had to go to school anyways. I slacked off a little so I wouldn’t be getting clients sick, but I did some book work and some things that I could on my doll.  Blue eyes just sits in his little jamies, so sweet and cute. I wish I could make him feel better, but this is one of those thing mommy can’t do.

Baby blue eyes also got his first owie the other day. He bit his tounge when he fell. Some ice cubes and kisses later, he was running around like normal.

Well its that time for the pups. Bear and his brother Gamble are getting fixed today. Part of me feels bad, but they are getting slightly agressive, and we really don’t need them to have puppies when they get older. Four dogs is enough!

Other than that, my house has been its normal chaotic self. I love it, but on days like today, I wish the pace would slow just a little and let me sleep.

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