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Cake smash

first birthday, smash cake

Mr. Blue Eyes enjoying his first birthday

Mr. Blue Eyes is one! We enjoyed his birthday over the weekend. His cake may not have been the most beautiful thing, but we will never forget that some of our closest friends from the area where there. It was a small event, but Mr. Blue Eyes loved his presents and hammed up every minute that he was the center of attention. First birthdays are wonderful things, but somewhat sad for this mama. My baby is not such a baby anymore. He has seven teeth, has been walking for almost six months, and looks like a toddler instead of a baby. We didn’t got all out for a party, but I’d rather have a few close people over and enjoy a night, than a bunch of people and chaos. My little boy loved his day and that’s what’s important. He was even brave for his one year old testing. He keeps picking at the band aid and trying to peel it off. As I type he is sitting on my lap trying to eat the mouse and pounding the keyboard whenever he gets a chance. I guess it’s time for this mama to run.


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