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Baby George and the Dino Hat Baby Blue Eyes sent him!

Baby George and the Dino Hat Baby Blue Eyes sent him!

This morning, I’ve been sitting here crying. It may be because pregnancy hormones have gotten the best of me, but I know it’s because Baby George is cured! Yesterday his family had the amazing blessing to receive news that the bone marrow transplant had finally engrafted. No more Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome! No more bone marrow transplants, no more pain, and no more heartache watching him in pain and knowing there is nothing you can do. Amy and her family have a beautiful healthy boy. It will take a while for him to be completely healthy and normal, but it’s not just a faint hope anymore, it’s a future reality. I couldn’t be any happier for my friend, and then she posts this amazing picture of her little man wearing the Dinosaur hat we sent when he started to loose his hair. You can always follow George’s amazing recovery on Amy’s blog.

As if that wasn’t enough great news yesterday, I clocked out of school for the last time. As with all things that come with an end I’m in a little bit of shock. I’ve been going to school three plus days a week for over a year. I still feel like I have so much to learn. 1600 hours drags on forever and at the same time it flies by. For th most part, I feel comfortable with cuts, styles and waxes. I don’t mind color, although I get a little nervous when it comes to three or four colors, or trying to even out multicolored hair. State Board testing is just around the corner and even though I’m finished with school, I will set up a nice little spot here at home to practice and study. Speaking of which, my friend from school, E. Passed her test last night, as I was finishing up my time! I’m so excited for her, she really didn’t have time to wonder if she would pass, in the next couple of months she’s got a big wedding and a move coming. Now with her license off her mind, she’ll be able to concentrate on the wedding and move.

Last night I went looking for something and Blue Eyes got into my purse. Usually it’s just a nuisance, but yesterday he happened to find a pen. If there’s paper around, we can usually avoid a disaster, but like I said I was searching for something and didn’t notice the pen. By the time I got back, Blue Eyes had turned himself into living artwork. Thank goodness it’s usually easy to get off of him.

Blue Eyes becomes Living Artwork

Blue Eyes becomes Living Artwork

Blue Eyes woke me up super early just to play in a box and watch tv. He loves the box forts daddy set up in the living room. I love that he crawls out of the box when there is music and sits there wiggling his little butt to dance. My little string bean has some rhythm. That definitely came from my side of the family because daddy can’t dance. Thank goodness he is such a morning person, I was not ready to wake up, and he’s been entertaining himself all morning.

My final great news yesterday was when I walked in the door. Hubby had the day off and had cleaned up almost every room in the house. They weren’t spotless, which is virtually impossible with our wild boy, but they were cleaner than they have been in a while. You could see a couple areas where he had cleaned and little fingers had followed behind tearing things back up. It was so great to see all of my hubby’s hard work. He did a lot of cleaning that’s been driving me crazy, but I haven’t been able to do. Including pick stuff off the floor that I’m having a hard time reaching these days! Then to wrap up a great day, hubby went and got pizza while we watched one of our favorite tv series. Even Blue Eyes approved of the pizza.

Blue Eyes eating Pizza

Blue Eyes eating Pizza


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Military Bride is my view of the world from a veteran, spouse, and mommy perspective. I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but I don’t mind sharing triumphs and tears with you. I joined the Military at the age of 21, and met my husband not to long after. We’ve been married a little over 3 years, and have a beautiful baby boy. My life has already gone through drastic changes, from getting out of the military, to becoming a mommy and going back to school. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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