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Guest Blogger: The Next Step After Your Military Career: Transitioning Into Civilian Life

I received a request the other day from a fellow blogger. She was wondering if I’d be interested in hosting a blog post from her as a fellow blogger and a future Life and Career Counselor. After reading her potential blog, I was impressed by her research to help Military members finding new careers in their life after the Military. She doesn’t just focus on the Military member, which many people do. She also provided sites that will help Military spouses in a new career. I have found several of these were things I faced when I was first out of the military and trying to find a job. One of the things I personally found hard, was translating my military skills into something that the civilian world would appreciate. These are a few of the sites I found to help my process: and Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

The Next Step After Your Military Career: Transitioning Into Civilian Life
Guest Blogger: Smile as it Happens

Life in the military was structured and planned. Now that you’re transitioning into the non-military life, you may have doubts about finding a great job and adjusting to life as a civilian. Rest assured that you will be able to find employment because there are many services and programs available to veterans and their families. The first step is overcoming certain misconceptions about finding a job, and I’m here to debunk some of the most common myths associated with job hunting. With effort and determination, you can find your dream civilian job, and it won’t be as frustrating or overwhelming as you might think.

Myth #1: There might be many resources for active service people and veterans, but there aren’t any programs for my spouse.
Truth: Actually, your spouse will find the help he or she needs with programs specifically geared towards military spouses. While it’s true that you have many options as a veteran, your spouse can benefit from organizations tailored to his or her needs. The Military Spouse Partnership program, for example, offers comprehensive career advice including resume help, interview tips and more.

Myth #2: It’s too hard and takes too long to find a job.
Truth: For the last few years, the worldwide economy has been making its way back up, and while there are still some industries on the mend, many companies have been steadily hiring new talent. Many top companies have streamlined their application process so that you can apply online through job boards and other databases. Some have turned to platforms like JIBE, a mobile recruiting company which allow users to upload resumes and important documents directly from their smartphones to the company’s site.

Myth #3: Companies only hire those with consistent work history, and my time in the military will prevent me from getting a job.
Truth: Companies are looking for people with solid work histories and the ability to show up regularly for work, but that doesn’t preclude you from getting a job. In fact, your service as a veteran places you at the front of many resume stacks. Why is this? Federal rules and regulations affect a company’s hiring process as much as anything else, and veterans are often given preference. If you have a service-related injury or have served during certain time periods, then you may receive further consideration. Your military career is a benefit rather than a hindrance to finding great employment.

Myth #4: Only the people who apply for the most jobs actually get hired.
Truth: This has never been true because companies aren’t looking for volume: They’re looking for talent. One strong, well-crafted resume will beat out hundreds of hastily put-together ones. If you take the time to ensure that your resume highlights your skills and attributes and then submit it to companies specifically looking for those traits, then you’ll find a job more easily than someone who simply applies at random to dozens of different jobs. As a veteran, you have a lot to offer employers, and they’re looking for you. It only takes a few good resumes to the right types of companies to find a good job doing what you love.

About the Author:
Emma is a mid 20-something year old with a passion for life, love, fitness, and helping others. She loves to be active and get involved in as many sport and community activities as possible. Emma is currently studying to become a Career & Life Coach, and loves to network with people from around the world! Check out Emma’s blog at!


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Military Bride is my view of the world from a veteran, spouse, and mommy perspective. I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but I don’t mind sharing triumphs and tears with you. I joined the Military at the age of 21, and met my husband not to long after. We’ve been married a little over 3 years, and have a beautiful baby boy. My life has already gone through drastic changes, from getting out of the military, to becoming a mommy and going back to school. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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