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Daily Archives: July 2, 2013


Blue Eye's Puppy, Bear

Blue Eye’s Puppy, Bear

I had all of these ideas about blogging when I started. I have always loved to write, and thought it would be a great way to keep practicing. Honestly, I’m learning that I know absolutely nothing about blogging! It seems that every time I turn around, if I want to learn more, I have to cough up some cold hard cash. That would be fine, if we had it, but sometimes military lives paycheck to paycheck. Maybe eventually we’ll have the money for me to take some classes. Actually the geek in me would love to go to a blogging convention, but I’m okay with what I have at the moment.

I’m starting to meet some amazing people through this blog. I’ve learned that people care what you have to say, even if it’s a goofy story about your kids. Military life is hard enough without feeling alone. I’ve discovered amazing women who, like me, keep their sanity with a little bit of blogging. Thank you to all of the interesting people who have stumbled across my humble page and decide my writing was something worth reading. Thank you to those who think that it’s a blog worth investing some time and offering to guest blog. I’m learning a lot from each of you, and maybe some day I’ll have thousands of followers. But right now, I’m still excited over every new one that comes my way. :0) It’s exciting to see my little page go from one follower (my hubby) to over 80! To me, that’s a huge accomplishment. Especially since I don’t have sponsors, or how to’s or even creative ideas to keep followers interested. This blog is simply, a military wife getting through each day.


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