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Daily Archives: July 7, 2013

Fourth of July, Family and Birthdays!

Grandpa, Blue Eyes, Little Bug and their Cousin

Grandpa, Blue Eyes, Little Bug and their Cousin

It’s been a chaotic couple of weeks. I feel like we have been going and going since little bug was born. My mom and brother came down to see us right away. It was good to see her. She did the laundry while I was recovering! As much as hubby helps, she was able to catch me back up to where the clothes were manageable again. Obviously we didn’t do a whole lot since bug was only a couple of days old, but blue eyes LOVED the extra attention. He thought grandma was there solely for him.

Eventually mom had to go, and so my brother decided to stay with us a couple extra days. My dad has been working out where my younger sister is, and he was finally able to come down right before the Fourth of July. It was great timing since my other sister was able to come for a few days with her little girl. Blue Eyes loved having someone to play with, but unfortunately his cousin didn’t share the opinion. She thought he was too rough and cried when he touched her. Which is funny, because that’s what she did the first time she met him as well. She wasn’t so keen on the little baby either. It was hilarious to see when my sister picked the baby up, her daughter would look at her like she was being betrayed.

I thought my house was full, but BIL also got his son for four days. It was really good for BIL and his son is starting to get used to coming out here. I know that swimming almost every day helped. For some reason all of their family’s kids are little fishes. It’s hard to get blue eyes out of the shower, but put those two in a pool and it’s almost impossible to get them out. Thank goodness our neighbors are amazing people and for an occasional case of beer, we can swim as much as we’d like.

Fourth of July was a blast! We had the kids godparents come over and they brought her older brother. So there were a ton of people. We had some good food, some fireworks and I love that all of the neighbors pitch in and we can get the kids good fireworks. There isn’t really a good show around here, so we all sit in our front lawns and play games while we set off the fireworks. Last year, our house caught on fire from fireworks. Thank GOD there wasn’t a repeat this year. Thankfully last years fire did end up being covered by our insurance, and other than a terrible paint job to cover up the damage, there isn’t much proof left that we ever had an accident. Honestly though? We are the only house in the neighborhood that has had the cops come for a stove catching on fire (found out it self locks and puts itself out), a house fire, a burglary… and hopefully that will be the end of the list!

We also celebrated my birthday. We didn’t do a whole lot, but I had two of my girlfriends from school come down to visit! It was so great to see them, I miss having class everyday and people to talk to. They really came down to see my new baby girl, but they picked a good day to do it! Hubby also made homemade lasagna and cheesecake! I must be the most spoiled wife in the world. His food is so good, I swear I’ll never lose this baby weight if he keeps cooking like this.

The only other thing I need to add is that my little brother fell in love with our little bear. Bear adored him right back and when my dad and brother left, we gave him Bear as a birthday present. I will miss my little love bug dog, but you should have seen the two together. They were definitely an amazing fit. They remind me of each other too. Very mild natured and loving. My parents have two small dogs, but there is something about a boy needing a bigger dog…. and Bear is the perfect dog for my brother. He will adore my brother and will love the fields up in Oregon. My brother will also spoil Bear rotten, and treat him like gold. So we are considering this a test run, but I’m thinking Bear has a home that will be amazing for him. It is super hard to see him go, but I know he will thrive there a million times better than he ever would have here. Bear is one of those dogs who needs to have a person be his whole world, and a person who will love him that much back. And even though I adore Bear, the other dogs are a little rough for him. He needed to be the only one.

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