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Why do you have to play there?

Mr. Blue Eyes got super quiet yesterday. That’s usually my queue to find him asap. So I had to put a crying little bug down and go find him. Thankfully little bug fell asleep in her swing so the crying stopped and I had plenty of time to catch what blue eyes was going. Normally he likes to get into the pantry and bring me all of the bags of chips, but so far my hands were empty.

Peeking around the corner of the pantry I saw my little boy happy as can be, sitting in the bottom drawer of the stove. Thank god the stove was not on! Instead of yelling at him, I decided to see what he was doing…. Sure enough, he climbed out and went to find his blankie. I was about to shut the drawer when he came back with blankie and cars in tow. He gently placed his blankie in the drawer, and then piled his cars on top before climbing back in. And there he sat, happy as can be.

Open the door and seize the day…

Climb away

Climb away

And this is how we sit now

And this is how we sit now

Well it’s finally happened! Blue Eyes can open doors. He’s been running since 7 months. He’s been climbing on things just as long. And now, it’s happened. He can open the doors. My life won’t be nearly as simple as it used to be. I put him to bed about 830 like normal. I thought he was out cold. I didn’t hear any noises and he was so happy to take his blankie and curl up with his milk. I was starting to consider going to bed myself when I see a blonde head pop up from behind the couch. Super quiet he came over and gave me a hug and goes “mom, mom” and then takes his blankie over to the big floor cushion I made, curls up and sits there with his cars driving them on the couch.

He’s being so good and quiet that I can’t send him back to bed. He also didn’t get his second nap until way later than normal. So maybe he can have some mommy time. He’s now playing in the curtains, laying there like it’s a vertical blanket. Our whole family has been sick lately. It started with daddy and eventually went to both kids and mommy. It hasn’t been too bad but daddy is cranky and grouchy. Blue Eyes needs more sleep but seems to make him sleep less. Little bug needs more sleep, but she’s doing okay.

Little bug is amazing. She got onto blue eye’s schedule so quickly. She wants to go to bed at 800 and if you don’t put her to bed, she will cry until you wrap her up and tuck her in. She only gets up at midnight and four. I’m so blessed. She is smiling now, and has even managed to roll herself over a couple times. I’m not sure where that falls on the timeline of development, but I’m pretty proud of my little girl.
pretty girl

Patriotic much?

Every so often I make an attempt to get to know other military wives. I would like my kids to have playmates, and as much as I love my civilian friends, there are times when they don’t understand the constantly shifting world of the military. So I joined a spouse group. More specifically, I joined one for this base, where I thought I might be able to meet a few wives who would like to do some play dates.

I do not say this to insult anyone, but I understand why military wives have a hard time staying unified. People love to jump down your throat for any given reason. They think that the “benefits” of the military don’t have a price. The biggest price being how you live.

A lady posted on there that she was shocked at the lack of respect in a MILITARY movie theater. The anthem came on and nobody stood or stopped talking or in any way showed that our country’s anthem was playing.

Now I will admit, I’m a bit of an extremist and I can occasionally be abrasive, I believe that a lack of respect for our country should be punished. I think that if you don’t want to stand for our anthem playing, you should find another country that you do respect. I think that if you want to be part of this great nation, go get your green card. I think that we should help those in need, but not give when people are just looking for a handout. Every nationality in our country has been persecuted at some point and NOBODY deserves a handout over other people. The Chinese died in the mines and railroads, along with the Irish working in mills and on those same railroads. Japanese were put into camps during the WW’s. Blacks were forced into slavery. Non Christians were burned in the Salem which trials.

That being said take a look at the conversation that happened when I stepped in to defend her opinion of it being disrespectful. I will label me, but I’m taking out other names. Remember, we are talking about people ON BASE, in a MILITARY theater, enjoying a FREE movie provided for military members. That being said, please explain to me, how I am a disgrace to the military? I served my time so she could have the right to say ignorant stuff like that. I would do it again. But DO NOT tell me ever that I do not love my country, and that I am not patriotic. I am not saying force all civilians to stand, but on a military base, and in a military theater, show some F-ing respect.

ME: I think they should be forced to stand there. If they don’t want to live in this country and respect our anthem they can move somewhere else. I’ve been out for a couple years and I still stand at attention.

PERSON A: Isn’t this country based on Freedom? Once you start forcing people to do something, where do you draw the line?

ME: i’m not going to argue, but I think it is a slap in the face to this country if you can’t even stand to support your own freedom. I won’t be responding to this post again, so I won’t be arguing with your views. :0)

PERSON B: We shouldn’t have to force a vet to show respect for their countries national anthem.. I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a vet before. But it was sick reading what she wrote, and I’m ashamed of having someone like that represent our country. You’re disrespectful and shameful.

PERSON B: We all have the freedom to do whatever we want.. But, there needs to be a certain degree of respect and pride.. She has neither..

6 years and Counting…

Blue Eyes loves Daddy's Navy Cover

Blue Eyes loves Daddy’s Navy Cover

It’s my hubby’s 6th year in the navy. The day has come quietly. He’s never been one to celebrate another year passing. I on the other hand, think it is something to be celebrated. If he hadn’t joined the navy, I would have never met him and we wouldn’t have our two beautiful children. Hubby joined the navy in one of those typical, “what will get me out of town the fastest” moves. Everyone has their reason, and it’s not really my place to share why he chose to leave so quickly, but I have to say I’m glad he did. We actually hated each other at first, but I was one of the few girls who ever turned him down, so he kept asking me out. After a lot of rocky starts, I’m glad he is as stubborn as he is.

Here’s to another year in the Navy, and possibly many more to come!

Curious George and the Zoo

It’s been a great week, but exhausting. BIL’s little boy is here. BIL’s little boy loves Curious George. We decided to drive down to San Diego to see the zoo. We left super early in the morning and got there right at opening.

Our little navigator

Our little navigator

We love the monkeys

We love the monkeys

they were all called George.... :0)

they were all called George…. :0)

but the pandas were sleeping...

but the pandas were sleeping…

So we decided to copy the statues

So we decided to copy the statues

Yep, a couple of monkeys

Yep, a couple of monkeys

Mommy and Little Bug's turn!

Mommy and Little Bug’s turn!

Of course there were animals

Of course there were other animals


One of my favorite animals

One of my favorite animals

2013 August 007

my princess needed a bottle break

my princess was happy as long as she got a bottle break

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

It’s been a long couple of weeks. My kids are amazing travelers. They handle car rides that I wouldn’t want to travel with. My wonderful kids are happy as long as they have food, movies and are allowed to stretch their legs.
That being said, I am glad to be home. My hubby spent almost all of his time doing work on our home. I had two kids to chase around. Thank goodness for help. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but being in someone else’s home makes it hard to keep them entertained. I definitely missed all of blue eye’s toys. He’s normally happy to entertain himself.
As it is, we’ve been catching up on sleep and getting ready for our next adventure. We’re going to attempt to take the kids to the San Diego Zoo!

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