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6 years and Counting…

Blue Eyes loves Daddy's Navy Cover

Blue Eyes loves Daddy’s Navy Cover

It’s my hubby’s 6th year in the navy. The day has come quietly. He’s never been one to celebrate another year passing. I on the other hand, think it is something to be celebrated. If he hadn’t joined the navy, I would have never met him and we wouldn’t have our two beautiful children. Hubby joined the navy in one of those typical, “what will get me out of town the fastest” moves. Everyone has their reason, and it’s not really my place to share why he chose to leave so quickly, but I have to say I’m glad he did. We actually hated each other at first, but I was one of the few girls who ever turned him down, so he kept asking me out. After a lot of rocky starts, I’m glad he is as stubborn as he is.

Here’s to another year in the Navy, and possibly many more to come!


About Military Bride

Military Bride is my view of the world from a veteran, spouse, and mommy perspective. I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but I don’t mind sharing triumphs and tears with you. I joined the Military at the age of 21, and met my husband not to long after. We’ve been married a little over 3 years, and have a beautiful baby boy. My life has already gone through drastic changes, from getting out of the military, to becoming a mommy and going back to school. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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