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Patriotic much?

Every so often I make an attempt to get to know other military wives. I would like my kids to have playmates, and as much as I love my civilian friends, there are times when they don’t understand the constantly shifting world of the military. So I joined a spouse group. More specifically, I joined one for this base, where I thought I might be able to meet a few wives who would like to do some play dates.

I do not say this to insult anyone, but I understand why military wives have a hard time staying unified. People love to jump down your throat for any given reason. They think that the “benefits” of the military don’t have a price. The biggest price being how you live.

A lady posted on there that she was shocked at the lack of respect in a MILITARY movie theater. The anthem came on and nobody stood or stopped talking or in any way showed that our country’s anthem was playing.

Now I will admit, I’m a bit of an extremist and I can occasionally be abrasive, I believe that a lack of respect for our country should be punished. I think that if you don’t want to stand for our anthem playing, you should find another country that you do respect. I think that if you want to be part of this great nation, go get your green card. I think that we should help those in need, but not give when people are just looking for a handout. Every nationality in our country has been persecuted at some point and NOBODY deserves a handout over other people. The Chinese died in the mines and railroads, along with the Irish working in mills and on those same railroads. Japanese were put into camps during the WW’s. Blacks were forced into slavery. Non Christians were burned in the Salem which trials.

That being said take a look at the conversation that happened when I stepped in to defend her opinion of it being disrespectful. I will label me, but I’m taking out other names. Remember, we are talking about people ON BASE, in a MILITARY theater, enjoying a FREE movie provided for military members. That being said, please explain to me, how I am a disgrace to the military? I served my time so she could have the right to say ignorant stuff like that. I would do it again. But DO NOT tell me ever that I do not love my country, and that I am not patriotic. I am not saying force all civilians to stand, but on a military base, and in a military theater, show some F-ing respect.

ME: I think they should be forced to stand there. If they don’t want to live in this country and respect our anthem they can move somewhere else. I’ve been out for a couple years and I still stand at attention.

PERSON A: Isn’t this country based on Freedom? Once you start forcing people to do something, where do you draw the line?

ME: i’m not going to argue, but I think it is a slap in the face to this country if you can’t even stand to support your own freedom. I won’t be responding to this post again, so I won’t be arguing with your views. :0)

PERSON B: We shouldn’t have to force a vet to show respect for their countries national anthem.. I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a vet before. But it was sick reading what she wrote, and I’m ashamed of having someone like that represent our country. You’re disrespectful and shameful.

PERSON B: We all have the freedom to do whatever we want.. But, there needs to be a certain degree of respect and pride.. She has neither..

About Military Bride

Military Bride is my view of the world from a veteran, spouse, and mommy perspective. I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but I don’t mind sharing triumphs and tears with you. I joined the Military at the age of 21, and met my husband not to long after. We’ve been married a little over 3 years, and have a beautiful baby boy. My life has already gone through drastic changes, from getting out of the military, to becoming a mommy and going back to school. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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