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Reason I’m crying….

Probably a year ago I ran across the most awesome blog every. Reasons My Son is Crying…. If you have kids, you understand. If you don’t have kids, you’ve seen kids like this…. and if you haven’t had either of those, you’ll get a good laugh anyways.

Blue Eyes has had a couple good meltdowns. The first time I tried to wash his blanket….. when I took his crayons away…
Tonight, I thought I’d share one of his current meltdowns.

Have a good evening!


Dear Mr. Blue Eyes

Mr. Blue Eyes and his "colors"

Mr. Blue Eyes and his “colors”

My dear baby boy,
You have no idea how relieved I am that you love your little sister so much. Right now, it’s a little frustrating when she gets a bottle in the eye, or when all 24 lbs of you tries to pick up all 10 lbs of her, but I’m so grateful that you have such a loving heart. I love that you want to help mommy take care of her. I hope that you will remember how much you love her when she is big enough to follow you around and get in the way. Right now sis sis is learning to crawl, and I know you don’t like sharing your cars, but I’m so happy you do. Some day she will discover princesses and tutus and then you’ll be left in peace with your cars and planes.
I hope you remember how much you love her when you two are fighting or teasing each other. I hope you will protect her when mommy isn’t around and that you will look out for her when you two are old enough to go to parties. I hope you will protect your sis sis when you both start school. It’s scary for mommy to know you are going to grow up, but you have mommy and daddy to teach you how to be a good boy and man.
Your mommy and your sister are your first examples of how to take care of your future wife. So when mommy is punishing you because you, “don’t hit girls” or making you open the door, it’s not to be mean. It’s because mommy and daddy want you to love and respect your future wife. We want you to grow into a man who deserves the best and knows how to pick someone based on quality not looks. Mommy and daddy want you to have a better life than we could ever hope for you. We want to teach you to be kind and strong. To protect those weaker than you, and care enough to rescue all of your little pup pups. We hope to teach you how to handle money better than we used to, and to value hard work.
Mommy is excited to explore the world with you and your sissy. I can’t wait to take you on adventures, and to dress up to find buried treasure. I can’t wait to take you to see plays and teach you how to have tea parties with your sister. Believe me, even if you don’t like dressing up, mommy will make sure there are plenty of cookies.
Today we color, and play airplanes. Today we pound on the piano, and splash the bathwater all over the floor. We dig in dirt and run around to the “Bananas” song. Today the dirtier the better. We steal sis sis’s hair bows and climb on the counters for cookies….
Someday, you will grow up, but for today, I’m going to enjoy you being my little wild child.

There’s no such thing as Terrible Twos.

2013 November 008

Forget the Cake, he found Dusty

Forget the Cake, he found Dusty

My birthday boy enjoying some cake

My birthday boy enjoying some cake

Blue Eyes and Snow White playing with cars

Blue Eyes and Snow White playing with cars

We celebrated Blue Eye’s 2nd Birthday this weekend! I can’t believe my little wild child is two years old. It’s been an interesting couple of years, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When I say interesting, I was putting my little Snow White to bed, and came out to find Blue Eyes had poured his entire glass of chocolate milk on the couch and was laughing as the puppies tried to lick it up faster than he could pour. Yes, my little man is two. Not to say I mind….

I do not believe in terrible twos. They may do one or two terrible things in their 2’s, but no kid is terrible. Kids are curious, and at two, that means about everything, especially boundaries. If I do this, how will mommy respond? The best thing I can do is keep my temper and correct the behavior. I’m not saying I am perfect. By all means I have had to put him in his room and walk out before I loose my temper, but I don’t want him to learn to loose his temper when he is mad.

I found a lovely little drawing on my living room wall this week. It’s about the size of a piece of paper and pretty well filled in. I didn’t see him do it, so all I can do is show him the drawing and tell him it’s not okay. It’s the same thing my sister had to do with my niece over Christmas, although it was impossible not to laugh when my niece kept pointing and saying, “pretty”. So the next time he had markers I watched him like a hawk. He didn’t like the paper he had so I gave him more, and more. I gave him so much paper he didn’t know what to do with it all and proceeded to draw on every page instead of my wall. I’ve also discovered he prefers markers or the twisty crayolas. So I bought twisties that have erasers on the end. When he tried it again, I told him no and showed him how to erase it. He spent several hours just erasing the wall. I’m okay with that. 🙂

That’s not to say he will be a perfect two year old. Dear lord, the child already knows how to climb on the kitchen counter when he sees a cookie. But, this year my goal is to replace the behavior with acceptable behavior and keep my temper.


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Photo Share!!!!

Charmed by Ewe pattern My sweet bug

Charmed by Ewe pattern
My sweet bug

My sweet little blue eyes

My sweet little blue eyes

hooded cowl I tested for zozo's space.

hooded cowl I tested for zozo’s space.

Time goes by

I know I’ve been super quiet lately. Sometimes life just needs you to slow down for a minute and live. My beautiful babies are getting way to big already. The other day I was giving Little Bug a bottle and she pushed my hands out of the way to hold it herself! She’s only three months, where has the time gone? We are getting her baby pictures done very soon, with the same wonderful lady who did Blue Eye’s photos. Michaela Stewart Photography is a wonderful photographer. And with little bug starting to roll places, we needed to get her pictures soon! I can’t wait to see what we come up with.

In other news I got a B on my first paper!! This is one of the toughest teachers I’ve ever seen in my life. He grades as if you were trying to get into UCLA Berkley. Which he reminds us over and over that some of his students have. I’m not trying to get into a University. I’m a mom of two that wants her associates so that I am never the excuse of why my children don’t go to college. Moms always want better for their kids then themselves right? Well, I’m no acceptation, I want my babies to go to college, even if I’m happy with just my cosmetology license or with being a stay at home wife. 🙂

I’m starting to think my son is more like me than I originally thought. He’s not even two and he has managed to scar underneath his eyebrow and another under his lip. Well, last night he managed to take of running and fall into his sippy cup. He busted his chin open and now he has a golf ball sized lump on his chin. It’s so sad, but my little daredevil will be okay.

Hubby is doing good. We’re coming up on PRT season. I say we, because our whole life changes for a couple weeks. We eat healthier, we exercise, and hubby watches what he’s doing so that he makes sure he’s okay with his prt. I don’t mind, in fact, I wish we ate healthier all the time. I do enjoy when we can go for walks in the evenings. I’m sure you military wives can relate to some extent!

I also have my first craft booth! I’m excited to see how it goes. Wish me luck. And if you don’t see me on here for a day or two, I’m getting ready!


Open the door and seize the day…

Climb away

Climb away

And this is how we sit now

And this is how we sit now

Well it’s finally happened! Blue Eyes can open doors. He’s been running since 7 months. He’s been climbing on things just as long. And now, it’s happened. He can open the doors. My life won’t be nearly as simple as it used to be. I put him to bed about 830 like normal. I thought he was out cold. I didn’t hear any noises and he was so happy to take his blankie and curl up with his milk. I was starting to consider going to bed myself when I see a blonde head pop up from behind the couch. Super quiet he came over and gave me a hug and goes “mom, mom” and then takes his blankie over to the big floor cushion I made, curls up and sits there with his cars driving them on the couch.

He’s being so good and quiet that I can’t send him back to bed. He also didn’t get his second nap until way later than normal. So maybe he can have some mommy time. He’s now playing in the curtains, laying there like it’s a vertical blanket. Our whole family has been sick lately. It started with daddy and eventually went to both kids and mommy. It hasn’t been too bad but daddy is cranky and grouchy. Blue Eyes needs more sleep but seems to make him sleep less. Little bug needs more sleep, but she’s doing okay.

Little bug is amazing. She got onto blue eye’s schedule so quickly. She wants to go to bed at 800 and if you don’t put her to bed, she will cry until you wrap her up and tuck her in. She only gets up at midnight and four. I’m so blessed. She is smiling now, and has even managed to roll herself over a couple times. I’m not sure where that falls on the timeline of development, but I’m pretty proud of my little girl.
pretty girl

Soaring…. Flying…..

Soaring.... Flying.....

Soaring…. Flying…..

Okay, believe me as a mom, this is one of the scariest sights in the world. While editing this picture though, I can’t help but notice the sheer joy and trust in my son’s face. This is one of those moments when mommy closes her eyes and prays, and lets the boys play.

A rare moment of peace…

Flying Baby....

Flying Baby….

It’s a very rare quiet moment in our house. Blue Eyes is asleep, Little bug is content in her swing, and even hubby is out cold. The pups are out on a walk with BIL and I have a few minutes in the living room to myself. I was asleep. When little bug and I went to eat, we fell asleep on the bed, but hubby woke us up. So I get the house to myself for a few short minutes. I feel sleep deprived, but not exhausted like I was with Blue Eyes.

As I’m sitting here to write, there are a million things calling my name. I have laundry that needs done. Somehow little bug puked on every single swaddling blanket we have. There are still dishes in the sink, which I have been putting off doing all day. I have toys all over the living room, and I don’t even walk into the area I consider hubby’s. His pool table made it into the house one day and that room has been his ever since. But in all the chaos, and unfinished work I feel a few small minutes of peace. Those short moments definitely keep you going.

I downloaded a new picture editor. It’s supposed to be really good, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. So I’ll stick to my old one for the time being. While my family was here, we all went swimming at the neighbors. Okay, they went swimming I held little bug and took pictures of everyone. My little boy is fearless! I mean absolutely not a hint of acknowledgement that he doesn’t know how to swim. He trusts daddy to catch him when he jumps. It’s great for when he does learn to swim, but we missed the lessons by a few days for bug’s birth. I’m hoping there will be some more classes later this summer because I dread him having an accident. Daddy was super good about being right there, but my crazy kid wanted to go down the big boy water slide, and get tossed in the air, and all of those other things moms sit there and pray for. We have a floaty for him, but the day the pictures were taken, my little niece used it.

Brotherly Love and Kiddie Pools

Little Baby Bug
My wonderful Blue Eyes adores his baby sister. That’s not to say I don’t have to watch him, on the contrary, I have to watch him even closer for that reason. More than once we have caught him trying to unswaddle our little bug and pick her up by the diaper. Or else we catch him trying to share his blanket and completely covering her face. Or his version of hugs is to roll on top of her head. I’m happy to see that he really loves his sister, but oh lord do we have our hands full.
Now that Bug is a week old, I still sit there in shock that we have two kids. It sees like just yesterday we found out about Blue Eyes. Now there are two…. My body definitely believes it, even if my head doesn’t. Recovery seems a little easier with Bug than it was for Blue Eyes. At the same time, my stomach hasn’t thinned out as fast as it did the first time. I feel better though. This time I know we are done with kids. Well at least for the next couple of years. So if I want to work out and lose some weight, it’s not a hopeless battle. Hubby even brought me some beautiful orange lilies. Okay, maybe they aren’t lilies, but I really have no idea what they are, but they are beautiful. They make me happy. I don’t like the color orange, but I love it when it comes to flowers. All of my hate towards the color orange melts and I love the beautiful color it leaves for flowers.

Flowers from my hubby

Flowers from my hubby

Daddy bought Blue Eyes a little pool this week. Oh my goodness, he turned purple playing outside and cried forever when we made him come in. I was amazed at the water features of the little pools. There is a flower that sprays over the surface and a little entry way that he can walk under and get drenched. The puppies walked in circles around it trying to figure out if it was okay for them to get wet. I have a feeling one of these days we will have several puppies in there playing with Blue Eyes.

Blue Eyes playing in his new Kiddie Pool

Blue Eyes playing in his new Kiddie Pool

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