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Dear Mr. Blue Eyes

Mr. Blue Eyes and his "colors"

Mr. Blue Eyes and his “colors”

My dear baby boy,
You have no idea how relieved I am that you love your little sister so much. Right now, it’s a little frustrating when she gets a bottle in the eye, or when all 24 lbs of you tries to pick up all 10 lbs of her, but I’m so grateful that you have such a loving heart. I love that you want to help mommy take care of her. I hope that you will remember how much you love her when she is big enough to follow you around and get in the way. Right now sis sis is learning to crawl, and I know you don’t like sharing your cars, but I’m so happy you do. Some day she will discover princesses and tutus and then you’ll be left in peace with your cars and planes.
I hope you remember how much you love her when you two are fighting or teasing each other. I hope you will protect her when mommy isn’t around and that you will look out for her when you two are old enough to go to parties. I hope you will protect your sis sis when you both start school. It’s scary for mommy to know you are going to grow up, but you have mommy and daddy to teach you how to be a good boy and man.
Your mommy and your sister are your first examples of how to take care of your future wife. So when mommy is punishing you because you, “don’t hit girls” or making you open the door, it’s not to be mean. It’s because mommy and daddy want you to love and respect your future wife. We want you to grow into a man who deserves the best and knows how to pick someone based on quality not looks. Mommy and daddy want you to have a better life than we could ever hope for you. We want to teach you to be kind and strong. To protect those weaker than you, and care enough to rescue all of your little pup pups. We hope to teach you how to handle money better than we used to, and to value hard work.
Mommy is excited to explore the world with you and your sissy. I can’t wait to take you on adventures, and to dress up to find buried treasure. I can’t wait to take you to see plays and teach you how to have tea parties with your sister. Believe me, even if you don’t like dressing up, mommy will make sure there are plenty of cookies.
Today we color, and play airplanes. Today we pound on the piano, and splash the bathwater all over the floor. We dig in dirt and run around to the “Bananas” song. Today the dirtier the better. We steal sis sis’s hair bows and climb on the counters for cookies….
Someday, you will grow up, but for today, I’m going to enjoy you being my little wild child.


Body Image

Mr. Blue Eyes always ready for the camera

Mr. Blue Eyes always ready for the camera

I’m so happy with my kids doctor. He is a really good pediatric doctor. Today was miss bug’s four month check up. Can you believe it? She’s already four months! Both of my kids have been healthy as can be, but they are on the light side. Blue eyes is always in the lowest portion for weight and highest for height. Miss bug is just small all around. The first doctor we had for little man kept telling me I had to put more weight on him and I wasn’t feeding him enough. Just while we were at the doctors, he would go through an 8 oz bottle with cereal in it. The doctor would try to tell me he wasn’t eating enough. Do you have any idea how much formula blue eyes used to go through? Blue eyes just doesn’t gain weight. Needless to say, I changed doctors quickly. Thankfully our doctor now understands that. He says as long as they grow at a steady rate for them, he doesn’t worry. Both kids are very very light, and have fast metabolisms.

You have no idea how much I prayed that my kids would get hubby’s metabolism. I like the way I am, for the most part. I have learned to be happy with the body I have and to appreciate the things that make me uniquely me. But I didn’t want my kids to have to go through their teenage years the way I did. I wasn’t really overweight, but I got chunky before I got tall, and I had a woman shape before any of my friends did. So I could never switch clothes or shop in the same stores they did. I appreciate it now, but at the time, it was really hard. Thankfully I had a mom that liked classic styles, so I learned really early to pick clothes that I could wear for years to come.

That doesn’t mean I want my kiddos to face the same things. I really hope I can teach them how to appreciate how they look at every stage. How to keep themselves healthy and active. Not so they look like a rail thin, but so they can have energy and a life. Believe me, I am struggling with that now. Two kids in two years, I’ve gained some weight that I’m struggling to get off. That and the migraine medicines made me gain a little bit of weight. So I’m hoping for my kids the same things I need to tell myself. I don’t have to be rail thin. I just need to get my butt moving! I need to get some of the extra weight off so I can keep up with two kids. I want them to enjoy camping and hiking, and I don’t want to die trying to keep up! Well that, and I don’t want them to get to go on adventures with daddy while mommy stays home. I want to be part of their adventures too. One day at a time! I mean my baby girl is only four months. It’s okay that I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet. It’s okay that my jeans are still about five pounds to small. I’ll get there. I just need to keep eating healthy and get my butt active.

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