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Happy Birthday Blue Eyes!

My first baby (Blue Eyes) turned four a few days ago. It’s crazy to me that time has passed so quickly. It seems like yesterday I was huge, pregnant and terrified at the idea of giving birth to him. Now he’s four. This year has been crazy. We survived daddy being deployed. We dealt with the behavior regressions, and jealousy. We excitedly welcomed a baby brother and discovered that Snow White is our best friend.

We love power rangers, dinosaurs, and spiderman. Much to daddy’s dismay Star Wars is not the coolest anymore. Teddy bear puppy is no longer the favorite. We now have shuebert. The doggy who can hold the iPad. The blanket I panicked over making a replacement has been replaced by a thin red blanket that is his favorite color. Nap time is a struggle. I’ve thought about getting rid of it, but he still can’t make it through the day without one. In fact I’m sitting at the bottom of his bed making him close his eyes.

Time has changed. Snow White is now a busy two year old. She loves to sing, but we struggle with speech. She’s been in speech therapy for about six months. It’s a struggle to teach her things like potty training because of the lack of talking, but we are learning sign language and she’s starting to use some words. 

Baby boy is mobile! Just today I put him in the living room to play. I walked over to help Snow White with lunch, only to find him crawling into the kitchen after me. 

Sadly blackjack passed before the holidays. Domino was so lonely and depressed (as was daddy and blue eyes) that we ended up getting a puppy. We named her Bones. I remember why I didn’t want a puppy, but the joy she brings to the house is undeniable. 

Yep. Time is changing and passing. And since blue eyes finally closed his eyes long enough to fall asleep, I think I shall catch up on dishes and the millions of other housework chores that have been neglected.  


Snow White is One!!

Happy First Birthday Snow White!!!

Happy First Birthday Snow White!!!

My beautiful Snow White turned one!!! Mommy has been wanting to make her wear a tutu for a long time, so Snow White’s first birthday was the perfect opportunity. We aren’t having the party until Saturday, but I had to share a picture of my beautiful little girl. It makes my heart happy to see her cute little face in all her ribbons and glitter. It seems like just the other day I was announcing I was going to have her, now she looks like my beautiful little princess.



There’s no such thing as Terrible Twos.

2013 November 008

Forget the Cake, he found Dusty

Forget the Cake, he found Dusty

My birthday boy enjoying some cake

My birthday boy enjoying some cake

Blue Eyes and Snow White playing with cars

Blue Eyes and Snow White playing with cars

We celebrated Blue Eye’s 2nd Birthday this weekend! I can’t believe my little wild child is two years old. It’s been an interesting couple of years, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When I say interesting, I was putting my little Snow White to bed, and came out to find Blue Eyes had poured his entire glass of chocolate milk on the couch and was laughing as the puppies tried to lick it up faster than he could pour. Yes, my little man is two. Not to say I mind….

I do not believe in terrible twos. They may do one or two terrible things in their 2’s, but no kid is terrible. Kids are curious, and at two, that means about everything, especially boundaries. If I do this, how will mommy respond? The best thing I can do is keep my temper and correct the behavior. I’m not saying I am perfect. By all means I have had to put him in his room and walk out before I loose my temper, but I don’t want him to learn to loose his temper when he is mad.

I found a lovely little drawing on my living room wall this week. It’s about the size of a piece of paper and pretty well filled in. I didn’t see him do it, so all I can do is show him the drawing and tell him it’s not okay. It’s the same thing my sister had to do with my niece over Christmas, although it was impossible not to laugh when my niece kept pointing and saying, “pretty”. So the next time he had markers I watched him like a hawk. He didn’t like the paper he had so I gave him more, and more. I gave him so much paper he didn’t know what to do with it all and proceeded to draw on every page instead of my wall. I’ve also discovered he prefers markers or the twisty crayolas. So I bought twisties that have erasers on the end. When he tried it again, I told him no and showed him how to erase it. He spent several hours just erasing the wall. I’m okay with that. 🙂

That’s not to say he will be a perfect two year old. Dear lord, the child already knows how to climb on the kitchen counter when he sees a cookie. But, this year my goal is to replace the behavior with acceptable behavior and keep my temper.


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Take a Gamble….

Bear (baby blue’s) & Gamble (Bil’s)

As I have said before, we have had an abandoned puppy living with us. At nine months, he is the sweetest, calmest dog I have ever seen. A little too calm for this busy household. He didn’t mesh as well with the other two as we had hoped either. It seemed like he was afraid of them. So sadly he had to go to the SPCA. They called the place where he got his rabies shot and they were able to track down the owner. He lied and said the puppy had been sold, but before we could even leave, they had found a good home for jerry/gamble. It was a tiny bit of a relief. He’s with a good family, and not always on our laps anymore.

I thought that’s where this story would end. But nope! They had some lab/cattle dog puppies that my BIL couldn’t resist. So we ended up with a new Gamble. This one is much more suited for Bil and he has somethign to accupy this time. He’s as cute as can be with his little white paw.

Hubby has been talking about getting Baby blue a puppy for his birthday. One that belongs to him and him alone. I haven’t been so sure about it, but we’ve already got one puppy in the house. I am NOT going to train one puppy, only to have to train another. I called the SPCA to find out if Gamble’s brother was still there. Even though they are closed on Sundays they called and said if I’d like to pick him up they would be willing to open for us. So Baby Blue has his puppy. We thought it wouldn’t exactly be appropriate for our baby boy to have a dog with a gambling name. Instead of continuing with  our casino names, we decided that this little boy would be named Bear. He will get almost as big as Blackjack, so Bear seems to be an appropriate name. Especially since we get told all the time that we don’t have dogs, we have mini bears. Thank goodness I only have to go through puppy training once more…. just think, by the time I’m done it will be little boy potty training. Man I have my work cut out for me.


Happy 5 Years!


Cookies to celebrate my hubby’s 5 years in the military!


Today is my love’s 5th year in the Navy. It doesn’t seem like that long.

5 years is the same as:

60 months

260.887 weeks

1826.21 days

43829.1 hours

We haven’t always had the ability to be on the same coast. In fact most of our dating and the first years of marriage were seperated. In the first 2 1/2 years of marriage we spent a grand total of 3 months together. I know I’m throwing a lot of numbers at you, but lets just say, you never really forget the time served.

I’m very proud of where he is. He is a PO2 and has completed his officer’s packet. We are still trying to figure out if his command submitted it, but he did do everything asked of him. He is still going to school to finish up his degree, he is starting to volunteer at the local highschool as an assistant wresling coach, he goes to work, has every qualification he can, and somehow manages to take care of baby blue eyes while I go to school. He has provided us with a wonderful life

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