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Picture Update

Life never goes as planned. I had such good intentions of keeping up my blog while my hubby was deployed, and I was pregnant. It’s been one heck of a ride. I have more time now though, and I can’t wait to share some of our recent experiences. For now, I just wanted to introduce you to the littlest of our bunch. I haven’t thought of a good nickname for him yet, but he’s too adorable not to share. Not to mention, I wanted to share how much Blue Eyes and Snow White have grown. 🙂

My sweet baby boy

My sweet baby boy

Blue Eyes!

Blue Eyes!

Snow White

Snow White



Snow White loves the baby

Snow White loves the baby


Trying Home Remedies, Oil Pulling

We’ve all heard of the weird home remedies… hell we’ve all probably tried a dozen or so and are to ashamed to admit it.
That’s how I feel about this weird thing I just heard about.

Oil Pulling.

Sounds like somebody’s idea a sick joke. Let’s see how many poor ignorant dopes we can get to put some type of organic oil in their mouth for 20 minutes and then spit it out. I’ll admit, the first couple times I saw it, I laughed at the idea. But then curiosity got the best of me. What is this new craze?

If you don’t know by now, I do as much research as I can. And if I’m not happy with that, I start asking around. I found a all natural mom’s group in my area and asked a few of them about it. They all swear by it. I got claims of healthier teeth, pinker gums, better skin, less migraines. You name it. So I thought I’d give it a try. Can’t hurt for a couple weeks right?

Day 1: Felt no different. In fact, the Olive Oil really didn’t look any different either
Day 2: The same
Day 3: I notice my skin is actually breaking out. Sometimes we have breakouts as the crap is being pulled out of our skin, so Maybe I’ll keep trying.

Day 4: Okay, now I have to admit. I’m not normally a drinker, but the night before, I had more than a glass of wine. Not enough to be considered drunk drunk, but enough that I was feeling icky the next day. So I tried Oil Pulling again…. Can I just say, ew!
The olive oil was thick and cloudy looking. It was no longer a liquid, but a thick bile looking thing. And then I decided, maybe there is something to this home remedy after all.

Day 5: That’s okay. And while I didn’t notice anything more than the first couple days, my teeth feel slick. Like they do after the dentist. My skin is still blotched up, but it’s not so bad that I want to run and hide. I’ll try to get some pictures before I post this, but I think I’m going to stick it out. We’ll see what happens the next couple days.

Rainy Day Fun!

Believe it or not, we have actually been getting rain! Rain! I have always been a rain lover, but around here it’s a rare thing. The only problem I’ve seen with the rain, is that sometimes the kids feel a little cooped up. I don’t mind them splashing around in the mud, but I can’t always supervise. So today, we thought we’d have a little rainy day fun indoors.

My kiddos are getting super big, but this is the perfect age for a little messy fun. This is the best part about being a mom.

Finger Paints!

Finger Paints!

My serious little painter

My serious little painter

Of course we had to taste the paint

Of course we had to taste the paint

I have to thank Gunny’s Sandwich shop for the amazing roll of paper. They were willing to order an extra one so that we could have a roll.


Blue Eye's Puppy, Bear

Blue Eye’s Puppy, Bear

I had all of these ideas about blogging when I started. I have always loved to write, and thought it would be a great way to keep practicing. Honestly, I’m learning that I know absolutely nothing about blogging! It seems that every time I turn around, if I want to learn more, I have to cough up some cold hard cash. That would be fine, if we had it, but sometimes military lives paycheck to paycheck. Maybe eventually we’ll have the money for me to take some classes. Actually the geek in me would love to go to a blogging convention, but I’m okay with what I have at the moment.

I’m starting to meet some amazing people through this blog. I’ve learned that people care what you have to say, even if it’s a goofy story about your kids. Military life is hard enough without feeling alone. I’ve discovered amazing women who, like me, keep their sanity with a little bit of blogging. Thank you to all of the interesting people who have stumbled across my humble page and decide my writing was something worth reading. Thank you to those who think that it’s a blog worth investing some time and offering to guest blog. I’m learning a lot from each of you, and maybe some day I’ll have thousands of followers. But right now, I’m still excited over every new one that comes my way. :0) It’s exciting to see my little page go from one follower (my hubby) to over 80! To me, that’s a huge accomplishment. Especially since I don’t have sponsors, or how to’s or even creative ideas to keep followers interested. This blog is simply, a military wife getting through each day.


To blog or not to blog….

Daily Prompt:
Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.
If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?

I don’t normally post twice in one day, unless it’s some adorable picture of my son that I can’t help but share…. and I haven’t done a Daily prompt in a while. Mostly because I don’t always have time, or the knowledge to write about the topic. But today’s topic seemed to sink home a little. Especially since my younger sister asked me a similar question this week.

Truthfully, I’m considered a new blogger. I’ve been writing online for less than a year, and I have under 60 viewers, but it seems that I’ve always been a writer. It’s a way to say what you can’t always put into words, and sometimes you can add pictures to help your point along a little.
To me a blog has always been just that. I live in a changing world. I went from a military member, to a military wife, to a mommy and student, with another little one on the way. Life changes too fast.

If you’re going to write be sincere. I may not always have the best content, or the best writing skills, but what I lack in the writing area, you can see in my honesty. I write about what matters to me. Sometimes that’s just my little boy making mud pies and sometimes it’s issues like my grandmother’s breast cancer or my friend’s baby being diagnosed with WAS. (follow her struggles with bone marrow transplants here

Any way you look at it, I write about what affects me. If it entertains, touches or affects someone else, it makes me happy. I like adding pictures for family that lives a little far away, or to show the world through my view but that’s just a bonus. Maybe I can help someone where nobody else can. Maybe I can crack a smile that’s been missing for just a little too long, or maybe just hearing about dealing with deployments lets you see how hard our military work. But in everything, I stay sincere.

10 things Boy Meets World Taught Me About Life

One of my favorite quotes

This post has been a long time in coming. There are reruns of Boy Meets World on every evening. Watching them reminds me of all the lessons I learned from them.

1. Faithfulness and Loyalty

You won’t see faithfulness like Cory on TV anymore. It seems like no matter what the situation between him and Shawn or Topanga, he stands fast through the whole thing. He believes in them when nobody else does, and his first love is his only love. He is willing to put the work into his relationships and stands with them even when it’s not the easiest thing to do.

2. Its okay to be smart.

Topanga was on the verge of being a major nerd. She strives for perfection in her grades and her life. She is okay with being smart and still takes pride in her appearance. In one episode she even chops her hair off to prove her point. What characters on TV do that now?

3. Where you are from doesn’t define you

An ongoing theme in Boy meets world. Shawn is constantly faced with where he came from. Despite having a rocky family and past, his family, deep down he has a heart of gold and always finds his way back. The older he gets the more his good heart comes out.

4. Drinking isn’t cool

As a kid it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. I remember watching Boy Meets World and realizing that drinking doesn’t make you cool and sometimes it can bring out the worst in people. Seeing people I looked up to deciding not to drink was a big influence to not drink.

5. Work for what you want

Chet works as a janitor in one episode. It was his first honest job, and Shawn learns that it doesn’t matter what the job if it’s done to the best of your ability. Constantly the kids are shown coming up for ways to earn what they want. They are seen doing odd jobs, working in the college lounge and even earning their living when they first get married. The parents tell their kids no and later explain that the things earned are always the things that last. Something kids today are sadly lacking.

6. How Classic Literature can still apply

Every so often they put classic literature into a modern form. Sending the characters back in time or allowing them to dream. It catches your attention. I have to admit, I read several books simply because the characters on TV did.

7. Politeness

It never fails that Cory is polite. Sometimes that lands him in trouble, like dating a bad boy’s sister and being offered to marry a guy’s daughter for 1 million dollars. It was ingrained into him to treat people with respect and chivalry.

8. Change is scary but good

Everyone in life faces change. A lot of people freak out at it. In one episode Cory is faced with Shawn’s decision not to go to school and Topanga getting into a better college than him. He freaks out, but in the end he realizes that they will be okay. That just because things are changing, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good thing.

9. Premarital Sex is a big decision.

Topanga decides that she is going to wait for marriage to have sex. It’s a very real, lingering issue in several of the episodes. She doesn’t give in just because it’s not the popular belief, or Cory sometimes pushes. She stands up for what she believes and stays true to her morals.

10. Life is tough, get a helmet

Enough said!


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