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Boys will be Boys

Blue Eyes watching Cars in his Cozy Coupe

Blue Eyes watching Cars in his Cozy Coupe

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Poor little blue eyes

Blue Eyes feeling sick

Blue Eyes feeling sick

If you can’t tell we have a favorite shirt for Blue Eyes right now. It fits perfectly.
Little Blue Eyes is sick…. He’s had a fever that we think is from teething, well at least we thought that until today. Today Blue Eyes went down for a nap, and work up puking. He puked all over his room and then daddy went and got him, only to have him puke again in the livingroom. So what does daddy do? Bring him in to mommy of course! Mommy pulls off his clothes for a shower when of course, he pukes all over mommy. As if I didn’t feel huge and gross enough, now I smell like baby puke. Ick. The good news is, once little man was in the shower he started feeling a little better. Daddy was a superhero and washed blankie while mommy and baby showered. Afterwards though, all Blue Eyes wanted was to cuddle with daddy. On and off all day Blue Eyes has been whinny and cuddly. I think the puppies know he’s not feeling well either because they keep coming and checking on him. They also keep checking on me, I think it’s because I’m not moving as well as I was. Baby girl needs to get here quick! lol

My big test is on Tuesday and thankfully one of my friends is going to be up there with me! I’m so excited that we should be licensed by the end of the Tuesday! I’ve been going back through taking practice tests over and over so that I feel ready again. My friends that have already passed say I should be good, but you’re always going to worry about something that you really want. I also need to go back through my kit and make sure I have absolutely everything I can possibly need. I also need to try to find a black shirt that will fit for one day. I am NOT buying a overly large shirt for one day. And then it’s test time! As soon as they say pass, I’m okay with this baby arriving. I’m sure everyone else is ready too. I remember when I got to this point with Blue Eyes, I seemed to cry over everything and I was so uncomfortable that I’m sure I made everyone else miserable. :0) We’re at the final countdown though. I’m down to 16 days. It seems so near if you look at the number, but when you wake up to waddle to the bathroom every night, it feels like forever. I can’t wait to reach my toes again, or be able to get down on the floor with Blue Eyes. I can’t wait to be able to put the kids in the stroller and take all of our pups to the park again. Poor dogs, they get exercise but not like they used to. On the nice side, I have had a lot of hobby time since I can’t move around too much. I also get to spend way too much time on pintrest. Oh my goodness are there some hilarious pins about pregnancy! It’s entertaining if nothing else.

Blast from the Past

I love this look. It's pure love for a toy.

I love this look. It’s pure love for a toy.

Discovering mommy's old toys

Discovering mommy’s old toys

Walking away with mommy's toy

Walking away with mommy’s toy

Everyone has items from their past that they just aren’t able to let go of. For some reason it’s more common for girls than it is for boys. Since I’ve been crocheting again, I needed something that was roughly the size of a newborn and something roughly the size of a child. Then it hit me. In one of my boxes in the garage I have my childhood stuffed animals. One is slightly smaller and one is slightly bigger. I don’t want to use Blue Eyes’ toys because I don’t want him constantly trying to take them away from me. After all, they are his toys. So I brought my childhood toys inside. The Bear disappeared instantly. I’m not sure where Blue Eyes took it, but he claimed it instantly. Not bad for a 26 year-old bear that’s a little worn at the seams right? The other stuffed animal is my little white puppy. I’ve had a little better luck hanging on to this one. Well until tonight. Blue Eyes decided he wanted the dog. But look at these pictures and tell me, you wouldn’t hand over the puppy. I love the look in his face. That’s how toys are meant to be loved.

Like Paint on the Walls

25 days….. wow it seems so scary now. Anyone who tells you after the first baby it’s a breeze, is lying. You still turn into the same emotional wreck for baby number two. You still get scared about the future pain and what if something goes wrong. Instead of worrying about one baby, now I’m worried about my little blue eyes as well. He’s never been overnight without momma. How’s he going to feel when there’s another little one to need mommy. He loves his big brother book, and even loves looking at the babies when we go places.

Changes are coming! It’s always a good thing although it can be scary.

The walls before

The walls before

The walls after.... they look so much better

The walls after…. they look so much better

Now this area looks like it belongs

Now this area looks like it belongs

In that thought, the whole house is now in a buzz. Hubby has been finishing up projects like light fixtures and re-sanding the baby’s dresser. Blue Eyes did his part to help me put clothes in the dresser, although mommy is going to have to go back and actually organize it. Hubby has also been fixing little things that have been driving me crazy. We removed clutter and I finally got all of the Christmas decorations out of the house and into the garage. With all of the changes being made it seemed time for the living room to become closer to what I originally wanted. We bought the new paint when hubby built the bookshelf, but the rest of the living room was about four different colors. BIL had a little too much time off and decided it was time to fix my colors for me. I have to say BIL did a great job getting the room repainted and it looks so much better. I have a couple pictures, but I may have to get a couple more to fill the walls.
When hubby and I got married he wouldn’t give me any idea of what kind of home he liked. I had an idea and tacked some colors to the wall, but I spent so much time at sea that the colors turned out not quite what I expected. Not to mention, my hubby really doesn’t care for the deep rich colors I had in mind. Over the last four years we both seem to pic out more of a faded nautical look. He won’t say it in so many words, but he always points out the blues of the ocean or greens that could be tied in as well. We also both love the old Americana feel. The rustic home feeling. So maybe over the next couple years I will be able to change the house slowly. :0)

At some point I really need to get a nice family picture done. We’re kind of waiting for our little girl now. :0) I’d like to get a bunch of pictures of the kids with the pups. I always think those pictures are so cute. I also really want to do one with Blue Eyes holding the little sign that says sister for sale… those are so stinking cute.

I don’t know why she swallowed a fly…… I think she’ll die (Memorial Weekend)

Blue Eyes is a Morning Bird and a Camera Ham

Blue Eyes is a Morning Bird and a Camera Ham

It was that kind of morning…. I’ve been slowly getting sick for a week or two. You know when you can feel it sneaking up for you and although you take all of your vitamins, you can feel it sinking in. This morning as I was cuddling with Blue Eyes, I felt all of a sudden like something was caught in my throat and started coughing. All I could think was oh great, it’s hit. Until I coughed so hard I ended up coughing up a fly. I know you eat like 8 spiders a year in your sleep, but I was awake. How the heck did I swallow a fly?? I’m officially grossed out. It’s one of those things that you try not to think about because it will make you queasy or not want to sleep. Or am I one of those weird people who sits there and are freaks out at the thought of what if I swallow a poisonous spider. Something I’ve freaked out about many times.

This week has been an adjustment. School is over and I’m readjusting to being a stay at home mom. Oh believe me, Mr. Blue Eyes has so much energy! I knew he was active, but sometimes I don’t realize it starts at 0730 and doesn’t end until bedtime. Even with nap times, you feel like you catch a breather and off you go again. Thank goodness for naptimes. :0) Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I feel like there are a million things to do, but realistically all we really need is diapers and a car seat. We have clothes and bottles. We have a pack and play with a bassinet (same one from blue eyes) and honestly we aren’t much for decorating. My living room still only has thee pictures and looks pretty empty. I have newborn toys left from blue eyes, although some of them could probably use replaced.

Hubby got an actual three day weekend for memorial day…. Well sort of. A couple of his co-workers made rank this week and it was the frocking ceremony. He was asked if he would pin the new rank on their uniform. It may sound like a tedious task, but sometimes to be asked is one of the biggest honors. So he went in to work for them. He also used the time to help submit his officers package. I don’t know if you’ve had any experience with this, but I’m getting frustrated. He pointed out some issues (I am trying to be tactful here) a while back and while he did the right thing, it brought unwanted attention to his old work. Now they are fighting every technicality of submitting his package. It’s really annoying. We know there isn’t the greatest chance of getting picked up the first time, but we need it in so he has a chance next time! ¬†

Our three day weekend also got interrupted for a Command Picnic, known by most military¬†people as Mandatory Fun. While it can be nice to interact with some of the other families, I dislike dressing for a picnic that you’re going to get dirty. :0) Pleasantly enough, this was the most laid back command picnic I’ve ever seen. I do wish they’d considered a park or somewhere where the kids could run though. They rented a bouncy house for the bigger kids, but many of us had little ones Blue Eyes’ age. I let him run around the tables and climb on the benches because there was no way I was going to coop him up for the event. We didn’t stay long because it was during Blue Eyes’ nap time and I’ve been getting a lot of contractions lately. I’m thinking little miss may be in a hurry to arrive.

I do hope you will take a moment to remember our fallen veterans this weekend. I know this is a big bbq weekend, and a time for family. Please remember there are families who will be looking on this as a time for remembering and there will be tears shed this weekend. There will be veterans who stop to remember a friend who is no longer here, or even their own close call with death. Enjoy your family, and know we serve because we want to, but please don’t take that for granted. Your freedom was won with blood, sweat, and tears.

Shined and Polished

Shined and Polished

Good morning world…

The world is waking up. A few short hours ago it was pitch black. I should be grateful for another day, but I am not a morning person. So here I sit, bleary eyed and dreading the moment I have to wake Blue Eyes up for another day. This is one of those mornings I wish I still drank coffee. I quit drinking it a couple years ago, when they weren’t sure what was causing my migraines. That and I hate watching that beautiful dark liquid be poured down the drain yet again because I’m the only one drinking it.

The dumb dogs decided that 3 am was an expectable time to get up and want to play. It’s a last straw for me, they woke the whole house up, minus BIL who sleeps in the room with them! So the puppies will revert back to kenneling at night. I would feel bad, but Bear actually loves his kennel, and Gamble is learning to tolerate it. But in this case, they did it to themselves. 3 am is not okay to wake up. Especially since they woke Blue Eyes up. He was not in the best of moods. He refused to go back to sleep. Hubby tried cuddling with him, and that didn’t work. So we tried letting him cuddle with mommy… that didn’t work either. We changed the diaper and made a bottle (yes I caved). Then we dug around the dryer for his freshly cleaned blankie, and I even got into the crib and found his light up bear. Nothing worked until about 5 am. At that point mommy was having Braxton Hicks again, and was hungry.

I tried getting a snack and curling up back in bed, but the sweet spot of sleep was gone. Little miss decided to start kicking on top of the Braxton Hicks. So we got up. Like many people, I can be addicted to facebook games and pintrest. Even those haven’t held my attention this morning. I’d love to go back to sleep, but I can hear my alarm in the other room informing me that it’s time to wake up. I’ll give Blue Eyes a few more minutes of sleep and then it’s off we go to start our day. I promise to pull out the camera sometime this week. It’s been a couple days since I followed Blue Eyes around with the camera. The last day or two he’s practically lived in the cardboard box we put blankies in. He even tried to take his nap in there yesterday. I’ll never know what kids see in boxes, but if he’s happy, I’m happy.

The Mommy who Cried Labor…..

its a girl
As the time draws close, I feel like a new mommy again. I can’t remember the hiccups and pains that I swore I’d never forget. Blue Eyes was by definition an easy pregnancy. The biggest problem I had with him was that I had a hip pop out of place and nobody told me I could have a chiropractor put it back into place. So for the last trimester, walking was extremely painful, but having puppies and a hubby who worked at night, I walked through the pain. Little Miss is different though, I have a ton more of those annoying Braxton Hicks. Sometimes I can time it down to where I start to think “uh oh, this might be it.” But as soon as I go to call my hubby or wake him up, or whatever, next thing I know they have disappeared again. Talk about feeling like the boy who called wolf, or in my case the mommy who cried labor.

I find myself panicking at the things that need to be done still. I have a babysitter for Blue Eyes, at least until my family can come…. and I have a couple friends I know who would be willing to be backup, but I’m still nervous. Blue Eyes has never spent a full night away. I know he loves the people who offered to watch him, but what about bedtime? Or not really bed time, it’s more of the waking up in the morning. He did well with my little sister, Bing; but Bing has a similar temperament and personality to me. Plus we look a lot alike. Once he realized she was good he spent weeks looking for her after she went back home.

My house is a disaster zone. Between hubby trying to finish his school, and me trying to finish mine, nobody ever has time for basic cleanup. We struggle to even get the dishes done some days. It’s starting to bother both of us. I did manage to get most of the clean clothes folded today. A major improvement from the laundry basket they’ve been living in. The puppies got their summer haircuts and BIL is back from seeing his son. SO I really shouldn’t be worried right? Well there’s still a dozen things on my mind.

I need Hubby to re-stain the dresser in the garage so I can get little miss’s clothes organized. Thank goodness for a sister with a little girl. I haven’t had to buy any clothes unless I just couldn’t resist. Blue Eyes needs the too small clothes removed from his closet yet again. I swear he’s growing too fast, he’s already over 32 inches tall! But he’s so skinny we have to get those pants with the draw elastic in them. SO out go his clothes. I need a nice big container for those. Hubby isn’t ready to get rid of them yet because we are undecided on how many kids we actually want.

Oh and that mommy hospital bag? I have to laugh at the idea. I read post after post, and blog after blog on what I would need. Yeah, I ended up sending hubby home a couple times to take things that were pointless and get things we needed. I remember being grateful for my own shampoo, my own pillow, and a blanket since our hospital is always freezing. He also had to bring me a baggy pair of sweats and a hairbrush. Anything else, forget it. I don’t care that my newborn pictures look like hell. It’s my little family, and I could care less what others think.
This time we have been looking at a “big brother” present that’s “from the baby”. People keep telling me to get him a baby so he has his own to copy mommy, but I’m not sure if that’s how we’re going to go. I have no problem with him having a baby, but he likes stuffed animals a lot, and he loves books. I’m thinking maybe just a couple of his favorites and then food. lol our little boy sure loves food. Anyone have ideas on what works with introducing a new sister to that young of a baby? Blue Eyes will be just over a year and a half when his little sister arrives.

Puppies, Haircuts and Mommy’s Day

I can't believe this was just a year ago

I can’t believe this was just a year ago

It’s been hot here. I mean like summer hot. Then again, we never really get a spring or fall, so I’m not surprised. Poor Blue Eyes discovered that if you walk on the patio in bare feet, it will hurt. I felt so bad because I had the water on and I was trying to cool down the area he was playing, but I wasn’t quick enough. After he cried, I put him inside and hubby helped me gather all the dogs. As mean as I feel doing it, It was haircut day yesterday. Blackjack loves it. He lays down and enjoys cooling down while he gets pet. The only part he doesn’t like is around the legs and tail. So we just trim him up and skip the rest. Gamble was so curious and kept getting his nose in the way. So once Blackjack wandered off, he willingly took Blackjack’s spot for a turn. He didn’t do too bad. I was surprised because they weren’t around last summer. Gamble doesn’t have very thick fur, so it only took a couple of minutes to get his undercoat done. Bear wasn’t too bad either. As long as one of us sat there petting his face and telling him he was such a good boy, he didn’t move a whole lot. He did get antsy at first, but can you really blame him? With all our overheating black puppies done, it was time for Domino. Domino is my little lion. He has thick fur and hates getting a hair cut. It’s hard to do a decent job for him. We have to pin him between us and the house and then one person pets and loves on him, while the other person cuts. For all of Domino’s amazing golden colors, his undercoat is almost pure white. So he always looks so funny with a haircut. Pure white body with a golden head and tail. I say give it two weeks and they won’t look so funny. But at least they won’t overheat now. And we never cut it so short that they get sunburnt.

Instead of a sweet mommy’s day boy, I got my little monster. He woke me up by climbing on top of me and bouncing. He then proceeded to run around the house screaming, snuck outside before I could get the door shut. Put all of his toys behind the Aloe plant, which daddy is allergic to, so mommy gets to save the toys. Then while I’m getting the toys, he sneaks inside to throw dog food everywhere and proceed to eat it, even though he knows better. I gave him a waffle, but he decided it was a great thing to share with Domino. I went to let the puppies out and he sneaks into mommy’s room and proceeds to play with the toilet plunger (thank god it’s new) and run around screaming again. All of this in two and a half hours!

Happy Mother’s day to all of you wonderful mothers out there…. hopefully your little monsters are being sweet today. :0)

Let’s play catch….

Blue Eyes loves boxes

Blue Eyes loves boxes

Last night Blue Eyes played in mommy’s box from her school supplies. What is it about all boxes that kids love? I wish I could go back and look at it through their eyes so I can be relearn the wonder. Mommy folded in the sides and put little man’s favorite blankie and a sippy cup in the box and he spent all evening climbing in and out of it and watching Mickey. Surprisingly he went to bed fairly early, even with double naps.

Now Blue Eyes is unraveling balls of yarn all over the living room. I shouldn’t be surprised, I keep a small basket next to the couch with smaller balls of yarn that I’ve been working with. What could be more natural than a 16 month old throwing those tempting colorful balls in all directions. What’s better than watching the colors mesh and intermingle until mommy is pulling out her hair trying to untangle them?
Somehow he knows my frustration and tries to come cuddle with me. That’s when I notice the smell….. it’s an odd mixture of dirt and daddy’s deodorant. A quick scan of the room shows me what I already figured, the dogs had let themselves out again, and he’d gone out with them. But what I couldn’t see is the daddy smell. Which means it could be hidden anywhere. Now there’s the choice, do I continue trying to untangle my balls of yarn, or do I try to find the missing deodorant? I’m thinking for now, the deodorant can stay hidden, I want to get this yarn up and out of sight.

He was super tired all day yesterday. I think part of that is because we were at the hospital for mommy the night before. It wore him out. He took two naps and both were over 2 hours long. I’m really hoping that means he will be super happy and ready for the babysitter today. Just in case, I’m going to find his, “I’m crabby but cute” shirt. I already founds socks and pants, let’s hope I don’t forget to bring the socks. Little miss thing is already kicking up a storm. It’s a little early but at least I know she’s doing well in there. Anyone have any tips on getting her to stop kicking my hips? I wouldn’t normally mind, but she seems to get lower and lower and I have seven weeks left!

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