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Dog Shaming… I had hoped to never have to do this.

Dog Shaming at it's finest

Dog Shaming at it’s finest

As you know by now, I have one incredibly smart blacklab/weimaraner. This is Blackjack, and since daddy has been deployed, he has been a royal plain. People always laugh when they see the dog shaming posts, heck I’m guilty of laughing too. Until its your dog. Blackjack has always been a handful. We can’t put him in a kennel because it takes less than a half an hour to escape every type of kennel there is. I can’t leave him unsupervised in the back yard because he will open the latch and take himself for a walk…. actually I can’t leave him unsupervised anywhere. He’s opened more doors (including firedoors) than any dog should ever be able to. Whenever we have company they are always amazed when he pops the back door open in two seconds flat, and just lets himself out. They think it’s the greatest trick ever, I know better.

When my husband was in bootcamp (before I met him), he left this dear sweet dog with his aunt. That poor aunt has had to replace most of her furniture and do a little bit of redecorating because of this guy here. By the time I married my husband, Blackjack was three years old, and way way to smart for his own good. The first deployment started okay, until he figured out how to open the fridge. I chalked it up as a fluke and cleaned up the mess. A month or two later, I had tried every child lock available for kids and dogs. Then I started barricading the fridge. Just to leave the house I would put all of the kitchen chairs in front of it. It worked well enough to get through deployment.

Over the years he’s just gotten worse. He’s eight years old and the only thing we have found that works is a muzzle. I’m not a huge fan of muzzles. I always associated them with dogs who are aggressive, or who might bite you. I didn’t realize it would be the only that kept my dog from eating the trash, or opening the fridge and trampling all of my eggs!!! Most dogs calm down when they hit eight…. not ours. He has just become more stubborn and determined.

You know what? I should have put this dog in the movies. We would have made enough to be comfortable, that’s for sure.

Shame on, dog owners!

I feel your pain.


I think Snow White ate Dog Food… and Ted Ted gets a bath

You heard my right, I think my little Snow White ate dog food. Blue eyes was “training” the dogs today. He tells them to sit and then gives them pieces of dog food. It’s super cute and the dogs are really patient with him, but it usually leaves a mess. I thought I got all the pieces up, but I just saw Snow White spit a piece out. Don’t all kids at some point? I know we were worried for a while that Blue Eyes thought he was a dog… and they’ve both gotten their hands on dirt. So I shouldn’t be surprised that Snow White had to try the dog food.

It seems like she shouldn’t be getting so big so fast. Take your eyes off of her for a moment and she’s crawled off somewhere, normally my room where there are big double mirrors. Blue Eyes loves to play in the dirt, so I’m just waiting for the day I see both of them covered in head to toe dirt. What’s funny though is that for someone who likes dirt, Blue Eyes freaks if his hand or feet are dirty. And then we end up with yet another bath. This last week I made him put Ted Ted outside of the shower while he went to play. I heard Snow White crying and went to check on her, only to come back and find Ted Ted in the shower with Blue Eyes. Since Ted Ted was already wet, I let him play. I watched Blue Eyes carefully soap up Ted Ted and then rinse him off. He sat Ted Ted on the ground and sat next to him, giving him a rubber ducky to play with. Yes, Ted Ted has become my little boy’s beloved friend. After the shower was over, he even stopped carefully to try to dry Ted Ted off, and was heartbroken when daddy had to put Ted Ted in the dryer.

Taking care of Ted Ted

Taking care of Ted Ted

I often find Blue Eyes copying mommy taking care of “Sissy” with his friend Ted Ted. That little brown teddy bear is helping him understand how to take care of someone and to help someone who needs it. Some day Ted Ted will stop going places with Blue Eyes, but for now, it’s so sweet to watch him take care of his friend.

Cancer Strikes Again…

Domino, my furbaby

Domino, my furbaby

My poor furbaby has had a growth on the side of his paw. Between him and the other pups, they wouldn’t stop licking the wound. His poor paw was swollen and it was starting to bother him when he went for walks. We felt horrible and took him in to the vet. They said that it was cancer. There isn’t a whole lot we can do. He either has the kind that will spread, or he doesn’t. We could do a surgery and remove the cancer spot, but it’s horribly expensive and when we get it removed, there is only a 50% chance he will come out okay.

I’m heartbroken. Domino is my first baby. My first pet that is solely mine. Well, I guess he’s hubby’s too, but he has been my baby. He is my protector, and loves my kiddos even if he doesn’t always like them, he protects them. After hearing what the doctors said my hubby and I decided we wouldn’t put my baby through that pain. We would let him be happy until he is in too much pain.

We tried putting a cone on my furbaby, but the other dogs kept licking his paw. We gave up on the idea of using a cone to heal his paw. And then one day we noticed a white spot showing on his paw. It got bigger and bigger until all of a sudden it was gone. Clear liquid and then he started acting like the old Domino. He’s been playful and happy, and even tolerating the kids laying on him. I hope that means he was able to get rid of his own cancer. It may not be the case, but either way, he got rid of what the doctors were looking to get rid of.

Blue Eyes tucking Domino in

Blue Eyes tucking Domino in



Fourth of July, Family and Birthdays!

Grandpa, Blue Eyes, Little Bug and their Cousin

Grandpa, Blue Eyes, Little Bug and their Cousin

It’s been a chaotic couple of weeks. I feel like we have been going and going since little bug was born. My mom and brother came down to see us right away. It was good to see her. She did the laundry while I was recovering! As much as hubby helps, she was able to catch me back up to where the clothes were manageable again. Obviously we didn’t do a whole lot since bug was only a couple of days old, but blue eyes LOVED the extra attention. He thought grandma was there solely for him.

Eventually mom had to go, and so my brother decided to stay with us a couple extra days. My dad has been working out where my younger sister is, and he was finally able to come down right before the Fourth of July. It was great timing since my other sister was able to come for a few days with her little girl. Blue Eyes loved having someone to play with, but unfortunately his cousin didn’t share the opinion. She thought he was too rough and cried when he touched her. Which is funny, because that’s what she did the first time she met him as well. She wasn’t so keen on the little baby either. It was hilarious to see when my sister picked the baby up, her daughter would look at her like she was being betrayed.

I thought my house was full, but BIL also got his son for four days. It was really good for BIL and his son is starting to get used to coming out here. I know that swimming almost every day helped. For some reason all of their family’s kids are little fishes. It’s hard to get blue eyes out of the shower, but put those two in a pool and it’s almost impossible to get them out. Thank goodness our neighbors are amazing people and for an occasional case of beer, we can swim as much as we’d like.

Fourth of July was a blast! We had the kids godparents come over and they brought her older brother. So there were a ton of people. We had some good food, some fireworks and I love that all of the neighbors pitch in and we can get the kids good fireworks. There isn’t really a good show around here, so we all sit in our front lawns and play games while we set off the fireworks. Last year, our house caught on fire from fireworks. Thank GOD there wasn’t a repeat this year. Thankfully last years fire did end up being covered by our insurance, and other than a terrible paint job to cover up the damage, there isn’t much proof left that we ever had an accident. Honestly though? We are the only house in the neighborhood that has had the cops come for a stove catching on fire (found out it self locks and puts itself out), a house fire, a burglary… and hopefully that will be the end of the list!

We also celebrated my birthday. We didn’t do a whole lot, but I had two of my girlfriends from school come down to visit! It was so great to see them, I miss having class everyday and people to talk to. They really came down to see my new baby girl, but they picked a good day to do it! Hubby also made homemade lasagna and cheesecake! I must be the most spoiled wife in the world. His food is so good, I swear I’ll never lose this baby weight if he keeps cooking like this.

The only other thing I need to add is that my little brother fell in love with our little bear. Bear adored him right back and when my dad and brother left, we gave him Bear as a birthday present. I will miss my little love bug dog, but you should have seen the two together. They were definitely an amazing fit. They remind me of each other too. Very mild natured and loving. My parents have two small dogs, but there is something about a boy needing a bigger dog…. and Bear is the perfect dog for my brother. He will adore my brother and will love the fields up in Oregon. My brother will also spoil Bear rotten, and treat him like gold. So we are considering this a test run, but I’m thinking Bear has a home that will be amazing for him. It is super hard to see him go, but I know he will thrive there a million times better than he ever would have here. Bear is one of those dogs who needs to have a person be his whole world, and a person who will love him that much back. And even though I adore Bear, the other dogs are a little rough for him. He needed to be the only one.

Good morning world…

The world is waking up. A few short hours ago it was pitch black. I should be grateful for another day, but I am not a morning person. So here I sit, bleary eyed and dreading the moment I have to wake Blue Eyes up for another day. This is one of those mornings I wish I still drank coffee. I quit drinking it a couple years ago, when they weren’t sure what was causing my migraines. That and I hate watching that beautiful dark liquid be poured down the drain yet again because I’m the only one drinking it.

The dumb dogs decided that 3 am was an expectable time to get up and want to play. It’s a last straw for me, they woke the whole house up, minus BIL who sleeps in the room with them! So the puppies will revert back to kenneling at night. I would feel bad, but Bear actually loves his kennel, and Gamble is learning to tolerate it. But in this case, they did it to themselves. 3 am is not okay to wake up. Especially since they woke Blue Eyes up. He was not in the best of moods. He refused to go back to sleep. Hubby tried cuddling with him, and that didn’t work. So we tried letting him cuddle with mommy… that didn’t work either. We changed the diaper and made a bottle (yes I caved). Then we dug around the dryer for his freshly cleaned blankie, and I even got into the crib and found his light up bear. Nothing worked until about 5 am. At that point mommy was having Braxton Hicks again, and was hungry.

I tried getting a snack and curling up back in bed, but the sweet spot of sleep was gone. Little miss decided to start kicking on top of the Braxton Hicks. So we got up. Like many people, I can be addicted to facebook games and pintrest. Even those haven’t held my attention this morning. I’d love to go back to sleep, but I can hear my alarm in the other room informing me that it’s time to wake up. I’ll give Blue Eyes a few more minutes of sleep and then it’s off we go to start our day. I promise to pull out the camera sometime this week. It’s been a couple days since I followed Blue Eyes around with the camera. The last day or two he’s practically lived in the cardboard box we put blankies in. He even tried to take his nap in there yesterday. I’ll never know what kids see in boxes, but if he’s happy, I’m happy.

Puppies, Haircuts and Mommy’s Day

I can't believe this was just a year ago

I can’t believe this was just a year ago

It’s been hot here. I mean like summer hot. Then again, we never really get a spring or fall, so I’m not surprised. Poor Blue Eyes discovered that if you walk on the patio in bare feet, it will hurt. I felt so bad because I had the water on and I was trying to cool down the area he was playing, but I wasn’t quick enough. After he cried, I put him inside and hubby helped me gather all the dogs. As mean as I feel doing it, It was haircut day yesterday. Blackjack loves it. He lays down and enjoys cooling down while he gets pet. The only part he doesn’t like is around the legs and tail. So we just trim him up and skip the rest. Gamble was so curious and kept getting his nose in the way. So once Blackjack wandered off, he willingly took Blackjack’s spot for a turn. He didn’t do too bad. I was surprised because they weren’t around last summer. Gamble doesn’t have very thick fur, so it only took a couple of minutes to get his undercoat done. Bear wasn’t too bad either. As long as one of us sat there petting his face and telling him he was such a good boy, he didn’t move a whole lot. He did get antsy at first, but can you really blame him? With all our overheating black puppies done, it was time for Domino. Domino is my little lion. He has thick fur and hates getting a hair cut. It’s hard to do a decent job for him. We have to pin him between us and the house and then one person pets and loves on him, while the other person cuts. For all of Domino’s amazing golden colors, his undercoat is almost pure white. So he always looks so funny with a haircut. Pure white body with a golden head and tail. I say give it two weeks and they won’t look so funny. But at least they won’t overheat now. And we never cut it so short that they get sunburnt.

Instead of a sweet mommy’s day boy, I got my little monster. He woke me up by climbing on top of me and bouncing. He then proceeded to run around the house screaming, snuck outside before I could get the door shut. Put all of his toys behind the Aloe plant, which daddy is allergic to, so mommy gets to save the toys. Then while I’m getting the toys, he sneaks inside to throw dog food everywhere and proceed to eat it, even though he knows better. I gave him a waffle, but he decided it was a great thing to share with Domino. I went to let the puppies out and he sneaks into mommy’s room and proceeds to play with the toilet plunger (thank god it’s new) and run around screaming again. All of this in two and a half hours!

Happy Mother’s day to all of you wonderful mothers out there…. hopefully your little monsters are being sweet today. :0)

Enjoying the last few moments of the weekend….

Domino trying to share breakfast

Domino trying to share breakfast

Mr. Blue Eyes has been up and at it since early this morning. How on earth I ended up with a morning kid is beyond me, but I really don’t want to mess up his natural schedule because if he learns to be a night person, school will be hell in the mornings. Most mornings he is content to be up with some cereal and to watch an episode or two of Mickey while mommy tries to wake up. Not this morning. :0) This morning, he decided that he needed to play in the dogs kennel. Since that’s Bear’s favorite place I could see Bear squished in the corner and Blue Eyes opening and shutting the kennel with both of them in there. Then of course Domino got curious and was looking to see if Blue Eyes would share his cereal, so Domino got caught in the kennel too. It worked really well since Bear and Domino are the two smallest, but as soon as Gamble tried to join them, it got a little crowded and you see all three dogs bolt out while Blue Eyes sits there with a grin on his face. I’m surprised BIL didn’t wake up since the kennel is in his room.

This weekend has been pretty relaxing. The menfolk worked on finishing my NEW PANTRY! I’m so excited. I have had nowhere to store food since we bought this house, and soon it will be finished. It used to be just part of the dining area, but while my dad was in town, they did all the framework and sheet rock. Hubby just hasn’t had a of time to do the finish work lately. He’s still working and going to school, and on Fridays he has “daddy day care”. So he’s really busy. The pantry is almost done though. It needs one more layer of paint and some trim.

Somebody approves of Grandpa and Daddy's work

Somebody approves of Grandpa and Daddy’s work

Blue Eyes and Daddy painting the new pantry

Blue Eyes and Daddy painting the new pantry

50th Post! -Furbabies

A rare calm moment where they are together….

My 50th post. I feel like I should write something important, but I haven’t had a post about my pups in a while. They have been extremely active.

We’ve been working on potty training, and puppy training. With the exception of my shoes, both new puppies are fairly well behaved. They haven’t picked up Domino’s dislike of strangers thankfully, and they aren’t big enough to open the back door like Blackjack does. Thankfully they are all so easy going with baby blue. Baby blue crawls over and throws himself on top of them, like he’s a wresling champ or  something. He also has to crawl with them whenever they leave the house. But he doesn’t like to crawl on his knees so he does the “mogali” walk on his hands and feet. As if that’s not bad enough, baby blue loves their puppy chow. He’ll crawl over and stand in their food with handfuls in his mouth. I’m so glad the dogs are all friendly with him. It’s so funny to watch them interact. They love baby blue, but I’m not sure they realize he isn’t a pup. Each dog has a distinct personality.

Blackjack: My lovable old man. As old as a seven year old dog can be. He’s what you would call a bouncer. He’ll watch everyone play and when a fight breaks out, he charges over and puts himself in the way. When they look at him, he’s so much bigger that somehow the fight just disolves and the nice play resumes. He’s the first one to give kisses and lives for attention. He also loves kids. Halloween is his favorite holiday because kids come to the door. His favorite treat: a loaf of bread.

Domino: Supposedly a german shepard, he has all the traits and those of a terrier. He’s our protector and barker. He’s also a troublemaker and willing to play with every dog. He’ll run in circles at the park until another dog will chase him. He likes to cuddle, but only on his terms. He also likes to sunbathe. I’m really starting to wonder if he’s a cat. His favorite treat: milk.

Bear: Bear is supposed to be baby blue’s dog. He’s being trained to stay with baby blue at night. It’s so funny to hear when baby blue cries, bear will howl next to him. I walk in the bedroom to see one baby boy face and one puppy face looking over the rail of the crib. Bear is timid and curious. He watches how everyone else manages something and then when they succeed, he breezes through it, like it’s nothing. He’s also the smallest of all the dogs.Favorite treat so far: cherrios.

Gamble: Gamble belongs to BIL. He’s the bigger of the two pups and the most trouble. He’s forever getting into things and escaping. Apparently, a lot like blackjack, when blackjack was young. He loves to sleep, but when he’s awake make sure you pay attention. A little rougher than the rest of the dogs, he’s going to be a big boy. He eats all the time, and loves to play. Open the door and he’s gotta go with you. His favorite treat: my shoes.

Take a Gamble….

Bear (baby blue’s) & Gamble (Bil’s)

As I have said before, we have had an abandoned puppy living with us. At nine months, he is the sweetest, calmest dog I have ever seen. A little too calm for this busy household. He didn’t mesh as well with the other two as we had hoped either. It seemed like he was afraid of them. So sadly he had to go to the SPCA. They called the place where he got his rabies shot and they were able to track down the owner. He lied and said the puppy had been sold, but before we could even leave, they had found a good home for jerry/gamble. It was a tiny bit of a relief. He’s with a good family, and not always on our laps anymore.

I thought that’s where this story would end. But nope! They had some lab/cattle dog puppies that my BIL couldn’t resist. So we ended up with a new Gamble. This one is much more suited for Bil and he has somethign to accupy this time. He’s as cute as can be with his little white paw.

Hubby has been talking about getting Baby blue a puppy for his birthday. One that belongs to him and him alone. I haven’t been so sure about it, but we’ve already got one puppy in the house. I am NOT going to train one puppy, only to have to train another. I called the SPCA to find out if Gamble’s brother was still there. Even though they are closed on Sundays they called and said if I’d like to pick him up they would be willing to open for us. So Baby Blue has his puppy. We thought it wouldn’t exactly be appropriate for our baby boy to have a dog with a gambling name. Instead of continuing with  our casino names, we decided that this little boy would be named Bear. He will get almost as big as Blackjack, so Bear seems to be an appropriate name. Especially since we get told all the time that we don’t have dogs, we have mini bears. Thank goodness I only have to go through puppy training once more…. just think, by the time I’m done it will be little boy potty training. Man I have my work cut out for me.


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