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Catching Up…. (Pictures)

Look how they've grown from one Halloween to the next!!

Look how they’ve grown from one Halloween to the next!!

Wow, It has been a chaotic couple of months! I had planned to write through the entire PCS process, but it definitely didn’t happen. I thought I’d share a couple pictures from the past two months.

We stayed with my family for a while in-between so my hubby could fix up the house. Unfortunately my hubby had an accident with the table saw, and ended up in the emergency room to re-attach several tendons. Several months later, he has regained most of the use of his hand, although it still really hurts him and his fingers can’t quite straighten out. That caused a lot of panic and fear for our family, but I’m so glad he is doing much better.

When we finally got moved up to our new home we realized that we lost almost all of our storage space. So we’ve been struggling to find homes for everything. Especially things like books (which are still in boxes in the living room) and clothes. I was really spoiled with our custom closets in CA. I feel like I’m constantly buying hangers or struggling to get our two small dressers crammed with clothes. I could really use help from an Organization Fairy!!! I wish they existed. Snow White at the apple orchard

We’ve also been exploring our new home. I must say this is the most beautiful duty station we’ve ever been at (except maybe Pensacola). We love all of the outdoors and the fresh air. We are on an island, so there is gorgeous water all around us and Daddy and Blue Eyes go fishing. Mommy and Snow White went to an apple orchard!

Blue Eyes fishing with daddy

Blue Eyes fishing with daddy

As for my kiddos, Blue Eyes has shot up. We had to go buy 4t clothing for him the other day and he’s not even three yet! Snow White is still a tiny little thing, but her curls are ever present. Not to mention she has developed her mama’s temper. Yeah, we might be in trouble with that one. As for more exciting news??? We are expecting baby number THREE!!!!!  We can’t wait for that one!!announcement

The holidays are chaotic, and it’s all MY FAULT!



Everyone agrees the christmas season is one of the most wonderful of the year. There’s something almost magic in the air, and even if you hate snow (like me) you can’t help but be in awe of the crisp chilly mornings. So in all the holiday cheer, how did I let myself get so overwhelmed?

It seems to happen every year. Last year for christmas I was nine months pregnant and just the effort to decorate a tree was exhausting. This year I’m three months pregnant, and the chaos is starting to roll in with the mist. The piles of laundry, the toys on the floor, the dogs tore apart yet another stuffed animal. I found dishes in Mr. Blue Eyes room, apparently the dogs stole them and dragged them in there. The playpen still has traces of kix and you can’t even see my kitchen table.

So taking a deep breath and venting to my hubby more than once, I’m finally calm enough to enjoy the holidays. My house is full of clutter, and the laundry is still folded on my bed, but I feel calmer. Mr. Blue Eyes is enjoying some macaroni while I take a moment for myself.

So what that my hubby isn’t here to help get ready for vacation? I can find peace in packing, for me it’s all a mind change. Instead of rushing around throwing things in a bag, I cuddled with Blue Eyes through a couple cartoons, and loaded the dishwasher. I had to stop to pull out all of Blue Eye’s toys that he snuck in there, but it made me laugh. Then Blue Eyes and I tackled the laundry. He’s figured out how to pull clothes out of the washer, but he hasn’t figured out that mommy wants them there. That resulted in a tickle fest and a giggly baby.

The pups are still asleep, but that’s fine with me. I’m not quite ready for their energy yet. I’m sorry to our house sitter if the house isn’t spotless. I really did try, but I’m not going to let chaos take over my holiday season. It’s time to take things a moment at a time. Maybe Blue Eyes and I will even decorate some cookies or something…

Please leave any chaos free ideas you have. I have trouble relaxing when there is a lot to do.

Chocolate Thanksgiving

Girls night


Delicious, dripping chocolate. Bacon oozing in fudge, devil’s food cupcakes with chocolate chips, candy bars, and chocolate vodka. Ice-cream with hot fudge dribbled over it. Does it sound good? Believe me, it was. After my two girlfriends and I had a really rough week, we decided the only thing to do was to have a chocolate thanksgiving. I know, it’s a confusing concept, is there chocolate turkey? Well, no there wasn’t, but there was almost everything else in chocolate form. We had more than any three girls should eat, and the next morning, there was definitely a huge dent in the chocolate feast.

This night was dedicated to all things chocolate, and all things sweet. Including watching 16 candles, and made of honor. Oh yes, it was a wonderful night. We did drink a little more than any of us ever do, but it was fun to have just a girls night. The only boy allowed was Mr. Blue Eyes, and he was more than happy to be a good little baby when he was given some ice-cream.

I know this isn’t a very long post today, but I was wondering, if you were to do a CHOCOLATE THANKSGIVING, what would be your one MUST HAVE chocolate??

Mr. Blue Eyes realized the ice-cream is cold


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