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Orders to where?

It’s that time again. It’s the time that military wives wait for, hopefully if they hate where they are living, and dread if they love their duty station. Yes, it’s time for a first look at the dreaded Orders. It’s not my first rodeo. We’ve been through it a couple times already, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually cared. When it was just hubby and I, I could make the best of any situation, but with Blue Eyes’ asthma, it’s not so easy to not care where you get sent.

There are a couple of things different about this duty choice though. The first is that my husband will be done with his degree. This means that he needs orders that will look good on an Officer’s package. That means that if phenomenal orders for opportunities comes up, it doesn’t matter where it is, hubby wants it. The second thing that’s different is that hubby is coming up on the end of his enlistment. This is the pivotal point. He’s almost at the half way mark. Re-enlisting this time means we are in it for the long haul. Something that we’ve both planned, but it’s scary when you think about the next 13 years of your life.

Realistically, we are hoping that this set of Orders will make it easier for him to go O. I know I have a few military wives following…. if any of you have ever dealt with the process and transitioning, I would love to hear from you! We are definitely open to advice from those who have managed to accomplish it!


Here a project, there a project…. everywhere a project.

I’ve had a lot of projects to finish up lately. Some I tried to do before my little girl was born, but just couldn’t do them all. A couple, I’ve been dying to try. And a two small beanies, I’ve been looking forward to making for Halloween. I don’t have as much time as I used to (what mother with two little ones does?) but I’ve been crocheting at nap times or sometimes when my hubby and I watch a movie. I love to see the results, and there is something so satisfying with creating something from your own hands. That being said here are a couple of my finished projects!

I have to admit, this project was originally for my husband. He and a friend of ours went to a baseball gam and you got in free with a mustache. Since I have made hubby swear to NEVER grow a mustache again, I decided I would make him one. This lovely pattern comes from Easy Makes Me Happy. I obviously made mine a lot bigger, but I love how simple it was and every easy to understand.

Crocheted Mustache!

Crocheted Mustache!

The outfit pattern came from Follow the Stray, but she also got her pattern from Repeat Crafter Me and Flower Creations. I have to insert my opinion here. Repeat Crafter Me has amazing free crochet patterns. I’ve followed her patterns a couple times and always had great results. She is also willing to explain things that are confusing.

Minnie Mouse outfit

Minnie Mouse outfit

This sweet hat pattern came from the Lovely Crow. But what’s a cowgirl hat without boots… I didn’t buy her pattern but I did find this pattern to use, from Hodge Podge Crochet. I also used the “Minnie Mouse” skirt again here.

I love how sweet this little cowgirl outfit turned out.

I love how sweet this little cowgirl outfit turned out.

This is the one I’ve been dying to do. I have to admit though, I could not find a pattern I liked, so I made my own. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, but now I’m trying to get the pattern together to share with all of you! If I have enough people wanting the pattern, I will create a separate post with the pattern, but otherwise, enjoy the picture of my little bug.

My grumpy Cupcake

My grumpy Cupcake


I also recently tested two amazing hat patterns, but I need to wait for it’s release to share with you the picture and site to find it on. The other project I was working on, I’m not ready to share yet. I have both of my babies Halloween costumes started, but I would like to finish Hubby and mine too before I share with you the cuteness that is my babies.

To Catch any of my past projects, check out some previous blog posts:
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Please Note, I try to give credit to the creators of the patterns, but sometimes I loose track of which pattern I used, who created it, or I’ve adjusted it so much it really isn’t their pattern anymore. If you ever notice an error, please don’t hesitate to help me give the author of the pattern credit.

Why do you have to play there?

Mr. Blue Eyes got super quiet yesterday. That’s usually my queue to find him asap. So I had to put a crying little bug down and go find him. Thankfully little bug fell asleep in her swing so the crying stopped and I had plenty of time to catch what blue eyes was going. Normally he likes to get into the pantry and bring me all of the bags of chips, but so far my hands were empty.

Peeking around the corner of the pantry I saw my little boy happy as can be, sitting in the bottom drawer of the stove. Thank god the stove was not on! Instead of yelling at him, I decided to see what he was doing…. Sure enough, he climbed out and went to find his blankie. I was about to shut the drawer when he came back with blankie and cars in tow. He gently placed his blankie in the drawer, and then piled his cars on top before climbing back in. And there he sat, happy as can be.

Like Paint on the Walls

25 days….. wow it seems so scary now. Anyone who tells you after the first baby it’s a breeze, is lying. You still turn into the same emotional wreck for baby number two. You still get scared about the future pain and what if something goes wrong. Instead of worrying about one baby, now I’m worried about my little blue eyes as well. He’s never been overnight without momma. How’s he going to feel when there’s another little one to need mommy. He loves his big brother book, and even loves looking at the babies when we go places.

Changes are coming! It’s always a good thing although it can be scary.

The walls before

The walls before

The walls after.... they look so much better

The walls after…. they look so much better

Now this area looks like it belongs

Now this area looks like it belongs

In that thought, the whole house is now in a buzz. Hubby has been finishing up projects like light fixtures and re-sanding the baby’s dresser. Blue Eyes did his part to help me put clothes in the dresser, although mommy is going to have to go back and actually organize it. Hubby has also been fixing little things that have been driving me crazy. We removed clutter and I finally got all of the Christmas decorations out of the house and into the garage. With all of the changes being made it seemed time for the living room to become closer to what I originally wanted. We bought the new paint when hubby built the bookshelf, but the rest of the living room was about four different colors. BIL had a little too much time off and decided it was time to fix my colors for me. I have to say BIL did a great job getting the room repainted and it looks so much better. I have a couple pictures, but I may have to get a couple more to fill the walls.
When hubby and I got married he wouldn’t give me any idea of what kind of home he liked. I had an idea and tacked some colors to the wall, but I spent so much time at sea that the colors turned out not quite what I expected. Not to mention, my hubby really doesn’t care for the deep rich colors I had in mind. Over the last four years we both seem to pic out more of a faded nautical look. He won’t say it in so many words, but he always points out the blues of the ocean or greens that could be tied in as well. We also both love the old Americana feel. The rustic home feeling. So maybe over the next couple years I will be able to change the house slowly. :0)

At some point I really need to get a nice family picture done. We’re kind of waiting for our little girl now. :0) I’d like to get a bunch of pictures of the kids with the pups. I always think those pictures are so cute. I also really want to do one with Blue Eyes holding the little sign that says sister for sale… those are so stinking cute.

Let’s play catch….

Blue Eyes loves boxes

Blue Eyes loves boxes

Last night Blue Eyes played in mommy’s box from her school supplies. What is it about all boxes that kids love? I wish I could go back and look at it through their eyes so I can be relearn the wonder. Mommy folded in the sides and put little man’s favorite blankie and a sippy cup in the box and he spent all evening climbing in and out of it and watching Mickey. Surprisingly he went to bed fairly early, even with double naps.

Now Blue Eyes is unraveling balls of yarn all over the living room. I shouldn’t be surprised, I keep a small basket next to the couch with smaller balls of yarn that I’ve been working with. What could be more natural than a 16 month old throwing those tempting colorful balls in all directions. What’s better than watching the colors mesh and intermingle until mommy is pulling out her hair trying to untangle them?
Somehow he knows my frustration and tries to come cuddle with me. That’s when I notice the smell….. it’s an odd mixture of dirt and daddy’s deodorant. A quick scan of the room shows me what I already figured, the dogs had let themselves out again, and he’d gone out with them. But what I couldn’t see is the daddy smell. Which means it could be hidden anywhere. Now there’s the choice, do I continue trying to untangle my balls of yarn, or do I try to find the missing deodorant? I’m thinking for now, the deodorant can stay hidden, I want to get this yarn up and out of sight.

He was super tired all day yesterday. I think part of that is because we were at the hospital for mommy the night before. It wore him out. He took two naps and both were over 2 hours long. I’m really hoping that means he will be super happy and ready for the babysitter today. Just in case, I’m going to find his, “I’m crabby but cute” shirt. I already founds socks and pants, let’s hope I don’t forget to bring the socks. Little miss thing is already kicking up a storm. It’s a little early but at least I know she’s doing well in there. Anyone have any tips on getting her to stop kicking my hips? I wouldn’t normally mind, but she seems to get lower and lower and I have seven weeks left!

Little Blue Eyes has been a bit of a nightmare lately. He’s refusing to take naps, super needy and slightly possessive. I’m hoping it’s just a reaction to mommy being almost ready to have this baby. In the meantime it’s been a super rough week. I wish I could lie and say he is being an angel, but the reality is, right now I’m at my wits end on what to do with my little monster. What to do with him?
ON the plus side, I love the extra snuggles and hugs. I just wish he’d find a balance. On an excited note, I’m under 60 days now!!!! I can’t believe how fast time flew. IN the next couple weeks I will be graduating, and hopefully passing my State board, having a new baby, seeing my family, and finishing up some crochet projects I’ve been working on. I can’t wait to show you guys the new projects. I didn’t like any of the patterns I found, so I mixed and matched pieces of others ad created my own!

Enjoying the weekend

This is the first time in a long time that everyone has had a full weekend together. Hubby’s work schedule has been changed for about the fifth time in two months, and he will be working days for a week or two. I feel so bad, he gets the worst of it normally. He is so used to nights that he has a hard time waking up in the morning, and can’t sleep until late in the evening. As soon as he starts to be okay on days they always put him back on nights. This back and forth thing is killing him. Part of me wants to be like, get used to it, we have another baby coming; but this is ridiculous.

Little boy blue is finally sleeping, an hour after he was put down for a nap. Up until a few minutes ago, you could hear him playing with his toys and probably talking to Bear. Bear is notorious for going into Blue’s room while he is trying to sleep and sitting there whinning until Blue wakes up. Then you can hear the two of them going back and forth until Baby Blue decides he wants out. When Bear was a puppy we used to put him in the crib with baby Blue, but we stopped that when Bear kept getting his tail pulled. Didn’t want Bear to loose his temper one day. I think he may be old enough that when Baby Blue is in a real bed, Bear may try to sleep with him.

Hubby and I celbrated our fourth anniversary this week. Because of all the time schedule changes, and pregnancy, we didn’t do anything big, but we did get a sitter and get some food. It was nice to be able to go walk around without baby blue. He’s too cute for his own good, but grown up time was much needed. When us kids were little, we used to go on “daddy dates”. It was great to have one on one time with dad and do something fun. Those dates always ended with ice-cream. It wasn’t a date until you had ice-cream. The first time Hubby took me out around my parents, dad told him to make sure we got ice-cream and of course my hubby looked at me funny. I had to explain that it’s not a real date until there’s ice-cream. So to celebrate our anniversary, we got milkshakes! Some traditions just get better with age. I’m pretty sure, we’ll always have ice-cream at the end of a date, even if we split one.

Soon we will have to fit mommy-son dates and daddy-daughter dates inbetween hubby and I spending time together. It’s going to be fun to take the kids out seperately and enjoy a small tradition from my family. Just one day that is completely theirs with things they like to do.

Other than spending some much needed time together, we mostly just lounged around. Hubby put up a hammock in the back yard. I really want to try it, but the awning isn’t as stable as it could be, and I’d really rather not fall. Maybe I’ll see how the guys hold up and then try it. :0)

And so the week begins….

Blue Eyes loves the Star Wars Counting Book

Blue Eyes loves the Star Wars Counting Book

Most people’s week starts on Monday, but our home is odd. My hubby’s week starts Sunday night for work, and my week starts Wednesday morning for school. Since we don’t ever have a traditional week, it seems like we just hold our breath and continue our endless cycle. Somewhere in there BIL’s week starts as well. So it seems like we are in a revolving door, sometimes everyone is here, and sometimes we say hello in passing. Thank goodness Mr. Blue Eyes gets quality time with mommy and daddy, although sometimes it’s at different times. Mornings are my time generally. Mr. Blue Eyes is a morning person, and although mommy is not, mommy can put aside her grumpiness when she sees that big smile wandering toward her. Daddy on the other hand is a rock, Baby Blue can climb on him and smack his face and he’d never even know it. So mommy and baby get mornings. We watch cartoons, we cuddle, read books and sometimes we chase the puppies around while trying to feed them Honey Kix. Domino is the smartest when it comes to little people food. He knows if he’s gentle and gives a kiss or two, eventually Blue Eyes will cough up a bite of whatever he’s eating. And yes, it grosses mommy out to no end that he will share bite for bite.

Afternoon is usually daddy time. Daddy functions better in the afternoon, so by the time mommy is exhausted from chasing Blue Eyes around, daddy is ready. Mommy will pop him down for a nap and when he wakes up daddy takes over. Mommy wouldn’t normally nap, but this little baby girl in her belly is making her tired. We’ve tried telling Blue Eyes that mommy has a baby in her tummy. He just laughs and shakes his head no. I don’t know if he understands or just thinks it’s funny when mommy says baby and points to her tummy. I hope he gets along with her as well as he gets along with the little girls at daycare.
Some days mommy and daddy don’t get their time till weird times. Mommy has school, daddy has work, and so he chases uncle and the pups around. All in all, I know my little boy is spoiled with attention.

I have about 12 more weeks of school, until my test. I’m not sure what day I will actually graduate since it goes off of time, but I’m not really in a hurry. The longer I stay in class, the fresher the information will be when I test. Also, it’s getting harder for me to move now that the baby is showing. I am definitely getting round. It takes a while to reach the floor, or move laundry over. Cleaning the bathroom today must have been a funny sight.

Tomorrow my week begins. I’m not looking forward to getting up super early. I do like school, but I am so ready for the driving and class work to be over. So I have several days of school, and crazy schedules and then I can begin my weekend. :0)

All in a days Cut

It has been a long day. I got up at 4 am as usual to feed my 6 month old. Hopefully someday he won’t need to eat that early anymore. Went back to bed for all of an hour only to have not one, not two, but three alarms inform me that I’m about to be late for school. I do love school. I cut a crazy guy’s hair while he told me stories about metal detecting as a kid. Then I met such a nice lady who was all about being young while you can be. I had to laugh when she said I should hold off on dying my hair as long as possible. I finally had to gentlly break it to her that I’m about a quarter grey and have been for a couple years. Turns out everyone thinks I’m barely 18. What a nice complement when I just had my 26th birthday (the same day as the fire by the way). Worked my tail off all day doing all kinds of hair appointments. And finally my brother in law and hubby came.  My hubby can be a bit of a wimp when it comes to hair, but a nice mint shampoo calms his complaining right down.

It may have been a fairly simple day, but I have to say I’m proud of myself. I am doing something I love. The days are flying and I don’t feel like I’m working. I’m doing something thats neat and I’ve met a lot of really interesting people.

Since hubby had the day off work, (he works sundays instead) he got to spend the day with the baby boy. He also started repair on the part of the house with the fire. I was amazed how much he has gotten done. He’s really working his tail off. You know what’s nice? I get to pick the new house color. We pulled a whole bunch of swatches. He vetoed the ones he hated and now, I get to make the final decision.

Now the baby is asleep and the pups have calmed down. Hubby is firing up his new grill and I can sit  back with a cold drink. Sometimes I have to say, I love my life.

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