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This is what success looks like. It’s not pretty or polished, like some people may think. It’s day to day life. This morning my kids are fed and dressed. The livingroom may have a few items out, but it’s not dirty. My blue eyes is happily building himself a house in the corner. Snow White is potty training, and doing really well. My littlest bug is comfy in his chair enjoying a bottle. Our newest edition (a puppy) is taking a time out in the kennel, while our older dog is lying around. (Sadly blackjack passed right before the holidays.)

Lunch is cooling on the table. There is the rumble of dishes in the dishwasher and the washer is chiming that it’s done. Yesterday’s clothes are in the bathroom still and the kids desperately need a nap. But this is success. Beautiful, messy, unpolished success.

How can I say that with everything half finished? Because I gave today 100% of what I have. I took care of my beautiful babies.

It’s no secret that I’m not the best housekeeper. But that’s okay. I work the best I can and do what I can to make my home comfortable. The walls are filled with laughter, and the messes pile up. But that’s what living looks like. And that to me is success.


The Mommy who Cried Labor…..

its a girl
As the time draws close, I feel like a new mommy again. I can’t remember the hiccups and pains that I swore I’d never forget. Blue Eyes was by definition an easy pregnancy. The biggest problem I had with him was that I had a hip pop out of place and nobody told me I could have a chiropractor put it back into place. So for the last trimester, walking was extremely painful, but having puppies and a hubby who worked at night, I walked through the pain. Little Miss is different though, I have a ton more of those annoying Braxton Hicks. Sometimes I can time it down to where I start to think “uh oh, this might be it.” But as soon as I go to call my hubby or wake him up, or whatever, next thing I know they have disappeared again. Talk about feeling like the boy who called wolf, or in my case the mommy who cried labor.

I find myself panicking at the things that need to be done still. I have a babysitter for Blue Eyes, at least until my family can come…. and I have a couple friends I know who would be willing to be backup, but I’m still nervous. Blue Eyes has never spent a full night away. I know he loves the people who offered to watch him, but what about bedtime? Or not really bed time, it’s more of the waking up in the morning. He did well with my little sister, Bing; but Bing has a similar temperament and personality to me. Plus we look a lot alike. Once he realized she was good he spent weeks looking for her after she went back home.

My house is a disaster zone. Between hubby trying to finish his school, and me trying to finish mine, nobody ever has time for basic cleanup. We struggle to even get the dishes done some days. It’s starting to bother both of us. I did manage to get most of the clean clothes folded today. A major improvement from the laundry basket they’ve been living in. The puppies got their summer haircuts and BIL is back from seeing his son. SO I really shouldn’t be worried right? Well there’s still a dozen things on my mind.

I need Hubby to re-stain the dresser in the garage so I can get little miss’s clothes organized. Thank goodness for a sister with a little girl. I haven’t had to buy any clothes unless I just couldn’t resist. Blue Eyes needs the too small clothes removed from his closet yet again. I swear he’s growing too fast, he’s already over 32 inches tall! But he’s so skinny we have to get those pants with the draw elastic in them. SO out go his clothes. I need a nice big container for those. Hubby isn’t ready to get rid of them yet because we are undecided on how many kids we actually want.

Oh and that mommy hospital bag? I have to laugh at the idea. I read post after post, and blog after blog on what I would need. Yeah, I ended up sending hubby home a couple times to take things that were pointless and get things we needed. I remember being grateful for my own shampoo, my own pillow, and a blanket since our hospital is always freezing. He also had to bring me a baggy pair of sweats and a hairbrush. Anything else, forget it. I don’t care that my newborn pictures look like hell. It’s my little family, and I could care less what others think.
This time we have been looking at a “big brother” present that’s “from the baby”. People keep telling me to get him a baby so he has his own to copy mommy, but I’m not sure if that’s how we’re going to go. I have no problem with him having a baby, but he likes stuffed animals a lot, and he loves books. I’m thinking maybe just a couple of his favorites and then food. lol our little boy sure loves food. Anyone have ideas on what works with introducing a new sister to that young of a baby? Blue Eyes will be just over a year and a half when his little sister arrives.

My favorite housecleaning helper


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