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Snow White finally gets a baby blanket

The other night, as I was waiting for my husband’s Dixie Cup to dry, I finally finished my scrap yarn blanket. I could not be happier with how it turned out.

My son has his “Kie, Kie” that he is in love with. I didn’t make the original, but I did make his replacement once the first one was ripped beyond repair. I searched for ages before I was able to find a pattern close enough that he wouldn’t notice the replacement. The closest pattern was from Hodge Podge Crochet, and like most of the patterns I use, it’s completely free.

Blue Eye's Baby Blanket

Blue Eye’s Baby Blanket

For Blue Eye’s awesome baby blanket, Click Here.

I made Snow White a blanket when she was born, and although she likes it, it has always been too heavy for her to carry around. So I decided it was time to make her another blanket. I searched Pinterest for an idea of a blanket that she would like, and I ran across Daisy Cottage’s granny square blanket. The one she made is very small, but I just continued on and made the blanket a decent size for a baby girl.

For Snow White’s beautiful granny square blanket, click here.

Modern Granny Square blanket

Modern Granny Square blanket

I love these two baby blankets. I’m happy both kids like their new blankets. Blue Eyes will need a replacement again soon, this one is starting to see a lot of love. I also couldn’t stop at making Snow White one blanket. I decided to make a second to use up some extra yarn. I had planned on using it as a baby gift, but by the time I had finished, I had fallen in love with the new one as well….

bold and beautiful

bold and beautiful

10622941_727964820583162_4685990101326817159_n (1)

What do you think? Do you like the softer more normal girl colors? Or the bold colors?

Snow White is One!!

Happy First Birthday Snow White!!!

Happy First Birthday Snow White!!!

My beautiful Snow White turned one!!! Mommy has been wanting to make her wear a tutu for a long time, so Snow White’s first birthday was the perfect opportunity. We aren’t having the party until Saturday, but I had to share a picture of my beautiful little girl. It makes my heart happy to see her cute little face in all her ribbons and glitter. It seems like just the other day I was announcing I was going to have her, now she looks like my beautiful little princess.



Death of a Navy Man

My Grandpa, the Navy Man

My Grandpa, the Navy Man

Some people live and breath military. Everything about them screams the fact that they were part of the armed forces and that they love the red, white, and blue. From his hair cut to the faded blue tattoos on his arms, my Grandpa was a Navy man. And oh the stories he could tell. My favorite will always be when they were in port next to a Scottish ship and my Grandpa wanted to see if they wore “panties” under their “skirt”. Yep, my Grandpa was a rough and tumble Navy man. And nothing made him prouder than his children and grand kids that served.

There is something about older military men. They have an undying loyalty that we don’t see in today’s military. My Grandpa is the reason I chose the Navy. The way he talked about being on the Ocean made it seem like one of the greatest feelings in the world. I’m sure in his mind, he glorified the bad, but I can’t say I don’t agree with him. When I was still in the service, I was asked to be part of a burial at sea. It was cold and windy, and nobody wanted to do it, accept me. It seemed like the greatest honor I could give to someone who lived military. It was one of the best experiences in my life. The sound the the 21 gun salute, the rocking up and down of the ship, the spray of the icy sea on my face as I stood at attention. But most of all the family. The family who loved this die Hard Navy man, were standing there so grateful that we were there. I talked to one or two of the members and they did remind me of my own Grandpa. The greatest joy in his life had been the sea.

This memory can flooding back when my Grandpa died. My Grandfather was an old school Navy man. To his dying breath he was loyal to the Navy and everything it stands for. Honestly? There is a lot I don’t know about my Grandfather. Does he have a middle name? How old was he really? How long did he actually serve in the military? But when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter. My Grandfather was an energetic and spunky man. He was loving and full of colorful stories. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but he’s been ready for heaven for a long time now. He was not a perfect man, but he was perfected in grace. I have never met someone so ready to be with Jesus.

Last sign of honor

Last sign of honor

I wasn’t able to make it to the funeral, it was to far for me to drive in the short time frame I had. I didn’t want to send flowers, because flowers wilt and I’m sure there were plenty there. My Grandpa loved two things beside all of us kids. He loved Jesus, and he loved the military. Thanks to my family, he had a military burial. Memories of the burial at sea made me think I needed to make sure there was something personal to honor my Grandpa’s time in service. My Grandpa would have never worn a baseball cap, so that was out of the question, but he needed something with dignity, that showed his love of the military. So I sent the only thing I could think of to honor his memory. I went to the military store and found a Petty Officer First Class pendant. Hubby and I rushed it to the mail to make sure it would get there in time, and I had my dad call when it arrived.

Although my dad is a veteran as well, he said he didn’t feel right pinning a Navy pin on a man that it meant so much to. Thankfully my cousin who had also been in the Navy, was able to attend. After the opening prayers, my cousin took the pin and placed it on the suit of this great man. My dad said it filled what was missing at the funeral. That final goodbye in the death of a Navy man.

Reason I’m crying….

Probably a year ago I ran across the most awesome blog every. Reasons My Son is Crying…. If you have kids, you understand. If you don’t have kids, you’ve seen kids like this…. and if you haven’t had either of those, you’ll get a good laugh anyways.

Blue Eyes has had a couple good meltdowns. The first time I tried to wash his blanket….. when I took his crayons away…
Tonight, I thought I’d share one of his current meltdowns.

Have a good evening!

You hate the way you feel, what are you going to do about it?

My new work out

My new work out

(This post is not in any way sponsered by Jillian Michaels.)

I’m really tired of hearing people staying in toxic situations. They stay were they feel ugly, or stupid, or like they aren’t worth the air they breath. It’s abuse. And it’s NOT healthy. If you hate the person you see in the mirror, it’s not up to anybody else to fix it. It’s up to you. You have to climb out from under the rock you hide under and stand up for yourself. I know it’s easier when you have support, but in life, we don’t always get that support. I do thankfully have a husband that supports my working out, but when I was younger I had to motivate myself.

Every religion out there says you were created. Well, except maybe Agnostic. And if you’re agnostic, I just feel bad for you because you can’t make up your mind enough to believe in anything. But here’s the truth. If you believe in God, you believe you were created in the image of God. If you are Buddhist, you believe the world has been created dozens of times. The fact still remains, you believe you were created. If you are created, and there is a creator, then you were made to do what? CREATE. If we are made to create, then we create our own self destruction or thrive.

I hate the way I look. Two kids in two years has taken a toll on my body. I have curves in places that shouldn’t have curves and my face is so round I feel like I have marshmallows for cheeks. I can sit here and continue to hate how I look, or I can take a realistic look at my options and do something about it. I could go on one of those diets, but truthfully, I hate diets. I end up eating worse an gaining even more weight. I can go to the gym, I don’t have two/three hours to get ready, go work out, drive home, shower and hope my kids behave. I can go for a run. Yeah, that just sound miserable. So I opted to do dvd work outs. It’s great. I put it in when I have some time, get my work out in and then hopefully shower without two babies playing in the bottom of the tub. But either way, I’m done in the time frame I can manage.

I made a choice. I choose to do something about my self hate. Some people I’ve been talking to lately are in toxic relationships. They aren’t even in committed relationships, at least on the other end! Tell me this, how does it make sense to let someone live with you, treat you like hell, while you provide everything? Not to mention the fact that you may or may not have kids who are learning not to respect their mother WHO does the raising when jack a$$ decides you aren’t worth their time. I’m sorry. If it’s committed, I will leave that to you to decide, but if they aren’t even faithful, why THE HECK are you putting up with it? I can’t think of a single person who deserves that kind of life. You are of more value than that. You deserve someone who treats you with respect. You deserve someone who actually cares about your goals and plans for life. If you don’t have goals and plans, that’s part of your problem. You are allowing people to come in to YOUR life and take you feel bad about who you are.

When I was a teenager, I was bigger than most of my friends. I was taller, curvier, and just all around bigger. I put inspirational quotes, verses, and pictures of beautiful women who weren’t a size two in my mirror. Why? So I had a positive role model. You don’t like the way you are treated, take one step. Set one boundary and STICK with it.

You will not make me feel bad about myself. If you chose to say horrible things to me, I will choose to walk away (kick you out, punch you, whatever you have the courage to stick with!).

Once you have conquered one, take another step.

I don’t like the way I look, I will work out 2 days a week. After you get to 2 days, add a 3rd. After 3 add another day…. Keep baby stepping it until you look and feel the way you want to! I know this seems like common sense, but sometimes you have to step out in faith. You deserve better, just like I deserve to like the way I look.

Be realistic. Change won’t happen over night. It’s a decision you have to make every day. I can’t just choose to work out once and look amazing. And even if I do work out every day, I will never be a Victoria’s Secret model. I don’t think I’d even want to. Dang do those girls even know what a hamburger looks like? I just want to slim down a little and be the best version of me possible.


Snow White is fascinated with my camera.

Snow White is fascinated with my camera.

This morning, as I was struggling to wake up, my beautiful Blue Eyes tried shoving my feet into my shoes. “Bye Bye” he kept telling me, as he got made that the shoes wouldn’t fit right. I pulled my shoes on the rest of the way and looked around. Blue Eyes and Snow White have been getting up at six am. It’s to freaking early to be going bye bye. I was able to distract him for about an hour with his favorite cartoon, PAW Patrol. But when that was done, he started dragging his favorite blanket and two teddy bears to the stroller. I’ve given up on putting the stroller away. If it isn’t in the living room, we never go for a walk, so we leave it there. Blue Eyes put his teddy bears in the seat and tucked them in.

Then he starts pulling Snow White’s blanket over to the stroller. He has given up the idea of leaving without her, so he gets her ready. There is a small box of clothes my sister sent on the desk. Blue Eyes spotted a pair of Snow White shoes and starts trying to shove them on her feet. Flip Flops do not go well with little tights. Getting frustrated, he came back over. I’ve given up at this point. I’m going on a walk. So I tucked both kids into my monstrous double stroller, and away we went.

I walked and walked, Blue Eyes babbling happily about the cars we walked past and the “pup-pups” we saw. I could only make out a word here or there, but he was telling a good story. Snow White looked around wide eyed with her thumb in her mouth. Thankfully, I was able to convince her to wear ear warmers. It’s not terribly cold here, but she freezes easily.

The walk woke me up. And even though it is far from a pretty walk, hearing my son babble about the things he is interested in, made me happy to be there. Walks are still magical for my little boy and my little girl. They talk, and giggle as we go. Soon Blue Eyes will be speeding around me on a bicycle, and Snow White will be my only stroller baby; but for a little while longer, I get to enjoy my two babies as we explore the world.

We spent the rest of the day reading stories, coloring, working on the names of colors and counting to three. One, Two, Three, is still not clear but he says them with the same tones I do, so I’ve figured out what he’s doing. Snow White has finally become mobile, and spent her time wiggling into the kitchen and getting mad when I put her back at the starting point. We pulled the cushion off of the couch to hide behind them, while sis sis tried to stand on the abandoned cushion. (She may decide to skip crawling like Blue Eyes did). Then we chased the puppies around. When the sprinklers went off, we watched in amazement from the little slide yelling “Water, water”. And when it was night-time, my little girl finally fell asleep from exhaustion and Blue Eyes cuddled with me for one more episode of Paw Patrol. From my babies stand point, today was an amazing day. From mommy’s view, I didn’t get a thing done. But sometimes we don’t need to get things done. We just need to watch our babies grow and explore.

Dear Mr. Blue Eyes

Mr. Blue Eyes and his "colors"

Mr. Blue Eyes and his “colors”

My dear baby boy,
You have no idea how relieved I am that you love your little sister so much. Right now, it’s a little frustrating when she gets a bottle in the eye, or when all 24 lbs of you tries to pick up all 10 lbs of her, but I’m so grateful that you have such a loving heart. I love that you want to help mommy take care of her. I hope that you will remember how much you love her when she is big enough to follow you around and get in the way. Right now sis sis is learning to crawl, and I know you don’t like sharing your cars, but I’m so happy you do. Some day she will discover princesses and tutus and then you’ll be left in peace with your cars and planes.
I hope you remember how much you love her when you two are fighting or teasing each other. I hope you will protect her when mommy isn’t around and that you will look out for her when you two are old enough to go to parties. I hope you will protect your sis sis when you both start school. It’s scary for mommy to know you are going to grow up, but you have mommy and daddy to teach you how to be a good boy and man.
Your mommy and your sister are your first examples of how to take care of your future wife. So when mommy is punishing you because you, “don’t hit girls” or making you open the door, it’s not to be mean. It’s because mommy and daddy want you to love and respect your future wife. We want you to grow into a man who deserves the best and knows how to pick someone based on quality not looks. Mommy and daddy want you to have a better life than we could ever hope for you. We want to teach you to be kind and strong. To protect those weaker than you, and care enough to rescue all of your little pup pups. We hope to teach you how to handle money better than we used to, and to value hard work.
Mommy is excited to explore the world with you and your sissy. I can’t wait to take you on adventures, and to dress up to find buried treasure. I can’t wait to take you to see plays and teach you how to have tea parties with your sister. Believe me, even if you don’t like dressing up, mommy will make sure there are plenty of cookies.
Today we color, and play airplanes. Today we pound on the piano, and splash the bathwater all over the floor. We dig in dirt and run around to the “Bananas” song. Today the dirtier the better. We steal sis sis’s hair bows and climb on the counters for cookies….
Someday, you will grow up, but for today, I’m going to enjoy you being my little wild child.

Body Image

Mr. Blue Eyes always ready for the camera

Mr. Blue Eyes always ready for the camera

I’m so happy with my kids doctor. He is a really good pediatric doctor. Today was miss bug’s four month check up. Can you believe it? She’s already four months! Both of my kids have been healthy as can be, but they are on the light side. Blue eyes is always in the lowest portion for weight and highest for height. Miss bug is just small all around. The first doctor we had for little man kept telling me I had to put more weight on him and I wasn’t feeding him enough. Just while we were at the doctors, he would go through an 8 oz bottle with cereal in it. The doctor would try to tell me he wasn’t eating enough. Do you have any idea how much formula blue eyes used to go through? Blue eyes just doesn’t gain weight. Needless to say, I changed doctors quickly. Thankfully our doctor now understands that. He says as long as they grow at a steady rate for them, he doesn’t worry. Both kids are very very light, and have fast metabolisms.

You have no idea how much I prayed that my kids would get hubby’s metabolism. I like the way I am, for the most part. I have learned to be happy with the body I have and to appreciate the things that make me uniquely me. But I didn’t want my kids to have to go through their teenage years the way I did. I wasn’t really overweight, but I got chunky before I got tall, and I had a woman shape before any of my friends did. So I could never switch clothes or shop in the same stores they did. I appreciate it now, but at the time, it was really hard. Thankfully I had a mom that liked classic styles, so I learned really early to pick clothes that I could wear for years to come.

That doesn’t mean I want my kiddos to face the same things. I really hope I can teach them how to appreciate how they look at every stage. How to keep themselves healthy and active. Not so they look like a rail thin, but so they can have energy and a life. Believe me, I am struggling with that now. Two kids in two years, I’ve gained some weight that I’m struggling to get off. That and the migraine medicines made me gain a little bit of weight. So I’m hoping for my kids the same things I need to tell myself. I don’t have to be rail thin. I just need to get my butt moving! I need to get some of the extra weight off so I can keep up with two kids. I want them to enjoy camping and hiking, and I don’t want to die trying to keep up! Well that, and I don’t want them to get to go on adventures with daddy while mommy stays home. I want to be part of their adventures too. One day at a time! I mean my baby girl is only four months. It’s okay that I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet. It’s okay that my jeans are still about five pounds to small. I’ll get there. I just need to keep eating healthy and get my butt active.

Little Bug’s first Photoshoot

More of my baby’s pictures came back today. Incredible! Little bug was cranky and really didn’t want to cooperate. Look at the shots she managed to get anyways!

I love this shot!

I love this shot!

tiny toes

tiny toes

Look how happy she is with a string of pearls! She is her mama's daughter.

Look how happy she is with a string of pearls! She is her mama’s daughter.

Here a project, there a project…. everywhere a project.

I’ve had a lot of projects to finish up lately. Some I tried to do before my little girl was born, but just couldn’t do them all. A couple, I’ve been dying to try. And a two small beanies, I’ve been looking forward to making for Halloween. I don’t have as much time as I used to (what mother with two little ones does?) but I’ve been crocheting at nap times or sometimes when my hubby and I watch a movie. I love to see the results, and there is something so satisfying with creating something from your own hands. That being said here are a couple of my finished projects!

I have to admit, this project was originally for my husband. He and a friend of ours went to a baseball gam and you got in free with a mustache. Since I have made hubby swear to NEVER grow a mustache again, I decided I would make him one. This lovely pattern comes from Easy Makes Me Happy. I obviously made mine a lot bigger, but I love how simple it was and every easy to understand.

Crocheted Mustache!

Crocheted Mustache!

The outfit pattern came from Follow the Stray, but she also got her pattern from Repeat Crafter Me and Flower Creations. I have to insert my opinion here. Repeat Crafter Me has amazing free crochet patterns. I’ve followed her patterns a couple times and always had great results. She is also willing to explain things that are confusing.

Minnie Mouse outfit

Minnie Mouse outfit

This sweet hat pattern came from the Lovely Crow. But what’s a cowgirl hat without boots… I didn’t buy her pattern but I did find this pattern to use, from Hodge Podge Crochet. I also used the “Minnie Mouse” skirt again here.

I love how sweet this little cowgirl outfit turned out.

I love how sweet this little cowgirl outfit turned out.

This is the one I’ve been dying to do. I have to admit though, I could not find a pattern I liked, so I made my own. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, but now I’m trying to get the pattern together to share with all of you! If I have enough people wanting the pattern, I will create a separate post with the pattern, but otherwise, enjoy the picture of my little bug.

My grumpy Cupcake

My grumpy Cupcake


I also recently tested two amazing hat patterns, but I need to wait for it’s release to share with you the picture and site to find it on. The other project I was working on, I’m not ready to share yet. I have both of my babies Halloween costumes started, but I would like to finish Hubby and mine too before I share with you the cuteness that is my babies.

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Please Note, I try to give credit to the creators of the patterns, but sometimes I loose track of which pattern I used, who created it, or I’ve adjusted it so much it really isn’t their pattern anymore. If you ever notice an error, please don’t hesitate to help me give the author of the pattern credit.

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