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One day at a time

Life changes come one day at a time. For three months now I have been working out. I didn’t say anything because I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. I haven’t lost drastic amounts of weight, and I don’t look a whole lot different, but I feel better. I have more energy. I feel stronger. The next step for me was to increase water. I went from about 60 ounces a day to 100-130 ounces. It took some getting used to, but my skin feels healthier and not so dry. I am starting to have more days between migraines. I still struggle with sugar. I love my sweets. But even so I am making choices one day at a time to kick my sugar addiction. I learned how to give myself medication injections to help control my migraines. Believe me, I cried the first time I pulled the needles out. But it gets a little easier. And I’ve made less emergency room visits. I’m not at the point of letting my kids see me with the needles yet, but I hope someday it won’t scare them and they will know it lets me live a normal life. 
It may seem like a bummer to cut out sweets and to carve time out of my day when I’d rather do something else, but I’ve only got one life. I have three beautiful kids that I want to be around for. I want them to see me fight for my health. And I want them to know I take care of myself so I can take care of them. And as a reward, I got myself some new leggings to work out in! 



Trying Home Remedies, Oil Pulling

We’ve all heard of the weird home remedies… hell we’ve all probably tried a dozen or so and are to ashamed to admit it.
That’s how I feel about this weird thing I just heard about.

Oil Pulling.

Sounds like somebody’s idea a sick joke. Let’s see how many poor ignorant dopes we can get to put some type of organic oil in their mouth for 20 minutes and then spit it out. I’ll admit, the first couple times I saw it, I laughed at the idea. But then curiosity got the best of me. What is this new craze?

If you don’t know by now, I do as much research as I can. And if I’m not happy with that, I start asking around. I found a all natural mom’s group in my area and asked a few of them about it. They all swear by it. I got claims of healthier teeth, pinker gums, better skin, less migraines. You name it. So I thought I’d give it a try. Can’t hurt for a couple weeks right?

Day 1: Felt no different. In fact, the Olive Oil really didn’t look any different either
Day 2: The same
Day 3: I notice my skin is actually breaking out. Sometimes we have breakouts as the crap is being pulled out of our skin, so Maybe I’ll keep trying.

Day 4: Okay, now I have to admit. I’m not normally a drinker, but the night before, I had more than a glass of wine. Not enough to be considered drunk drunk, but enough that I was feeling icky the next day. So I tried Oil Pulling again…. Can I just say, ew!
The olive oil was thick and cloudy looking. It was no longer a liquid, but a thick bile looking thing. And then I decided, maybe there is something to this home remedy after all.

Day 5: That’s okay. And while I didn’t notice anything more than the first couple days, my teeth feel slick. Like they do after the dentist. My skin is still blotched up, but it’s not so bad that I want to run and hide. I’ll try to get some pictures before I post this, but I think I’m going to stick it out. We’ll see what happens the next couple days.

Migraines in Pregnancy.

Sleepy Blue Eyes playing with Uncle's Shoes

Sleepy Blue Eyes playing with Uncle’s Shoes

Had another migraine last night. You’d think I’d be used to them by now. It seems like it’s always worse when pregnant though. They monitor little miss thing, which I’m grateful for; but they also wait almost a full hour before they’ll do anything about my migraine. Being as I already took what I could at home, and my head is still pounding, it’s rough to sit there and know you won’t have help for another hour. The good news is little miss has a strong heartbeat and the contractions were just practice ones.
My normal doc was on call last night, so thankfully I didn’t have to fight to get help. He knows my history with migraines. They tried one med and I ended up getting sick and it didn’t do anything. Almost four hours later they were able to figure out that the maternity ward couldn’t get the meds I needed and I had to go downstairs to intensive care. Blue Eyes thought the wheel chair was the greatest thing in the whole world. Thank goodness he was so good. He just played with his chickies with daddy, ate goldfish and watched Cinderella. When they finally got me the right meds, they made sure my headache was on the downside before letting me go.
I really don’t understand why everyone is so scared to treat pregnancy migraines. Especially when I have a history of them, and there is a list of approved treatments in my record. It always takes several hours, but at least they do eventually treat them. I’m looking forward to trying something new after pregnancy. I’ve tried several different preventatives, but unfortunately I’m one of those people who can get a side-effect that makes it so I can’t continue taking the meds. I’ve heard that acupuncture, the chiropractor and botox have all become major break throughs in treatment for migraines. I know they aren’t necessarily traditional methods, but I’m at the point where I’m willing to try. There has to be something healthier than medications and living with constant headaches. I do know that while I was on Herbalife for weight loss, I found that the multi-vitamins helped a lot. I’m not sure what makes them different from other vitamins, but I may have to try it again, see if it really helps. I just didn’t want to risk health while pregnant.
Like I said before, Blue Eyes was a champ. He ran around with daddy in his Dino Hat and made the ladies melt. They loved his little hat and that he ran around roaring. Blue Eyes was even nice enough to come cuddle with me this morning instead of insisting I get up at an early hour. When he did finally wake up, he poked mommies belly and giggled like crazy. His new favorite toy is BIL’s new shoes. He loves to put them on and try to walk around. He’ll tell me bye and head to the door like he thinks he’s going somewhere.
On a happy note? The asthma/allergy doctor finally got approval for a home breathing treatment for Blue Eyes. They should deliver it sometime today. That means I have other options beside midnight runs to the hospital because he’s struggling to breathe. I’m excited to see how this thing works and hopefully it will really help little man. He’s been doing pretty good lately, but I think that’s partly because the weather cooled off (shockingly) and the allergy levels have been at 6.9 instead of 10.2. I never thought I’d have to monitor allergy levels so closely, but if it’s above an 8 I don’t even dare let the cool breeze in. We use air filters and air conditioning. And little man gets kept inside.


Well its back to school for me. Spent last night in the hospital for yet another migraine. Somehow I managed to get up and to school today. I may dread going, but I really love it. I love cutting hair, and talking to sweet older people. I love doing creative hairstyles and getting it to look the way I want it.
Hubby is at work and blue eyes is with the sitter. I can’t wait to get home and cuddle. :o) My two pups managed to get fleas yesterday. So they are now squeeky clean.
I’m rambling and I need to pack up my curling irons and brushes. I’ll talk to you all later!

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