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It’s a……

The last time I posted I was able to share my family’s exciting news! We are expecting. Life definitely has a way of keeping you busy. It’s the end of January, and life has been flying. In the last two months, we have settled into our new home, and started finding activities that the kids will enjoy. They have an amazing toddler learning center here that offers free child play once a week. The kids love it, and they offer so many things that expand the imagination. Plus it breaks up the sameness of the rest of the week.

We also discovered the local library has toddler reading time. They read stories, sing songs, and do a craft to help the kids remember the story. This is also free for the kids!!!! I swear if you are new to an area, check out the local library. They are usually really good at knowing what is available.

Other than that, we’ve been dealing with Daddy on Deployment. We got super lucky this time. He actually has internet capabilities, and the kids have seen him almost every day so far. Sometimes Blue Eyes asks if daddy is sleeping at work. It’s hard to explain to a three year old that daddy had to go super far to work and won’t be home for a long time. So we are in the process of putting together a daddy wall! I’m buying little pieces here and then, when I get them all gathered, we will have a day to put it all together. I want to make a chain for each day, but we aren’t sure when he will be coming home, so I don’t want to make it too short.

In other exciting news, our baby is growing on schedule. And I’m excited to post this picture that a great photographer friend of mine, Chrystal Parks, made to do our gender reveal! And it looks like we are going to be a two boy, one girl family!!!

It's a boy!!!!

It’s a boy!!!!

Curious George and the Zoo

It’s been a great week, but exhausting. BIL’s little boy is here. BIL’s little boy loves Curious George. We decided to drive down to San Diego to see the zoo. We left super early in the morning and got there right at opening.

Our little navigator

Our little navigator

We love the monkeys

We love the monkeys

they were all called George.... :0)

they were all called George…. :0)

but the pandas were sleeping...

but the pandas were sleeping…

So we decided to copy the statues

So we decided to copy the statues

Yep, a couple of monkeys

Yep, a couple of monkeys

Mommy and Little Bug's turn!

Mommy and Little Bug’s turn!

Of course there were animals

Of course there were other animals


One of my favorite animals

One of my favorite animals

2013 August 007

my princess needed a bottle break

my princess was happy as long as she got a bottle break

Soaring…. Flying…..

Soaring.... Flying.....

Soaring…. Flying…..

Okay, believe me as a mom, this is one of the scariest sights in the world. While editing this picture though, I can’t help but notice the sheer joy and trust in my son’s face. This is one of those moments when mommy closes her eyes and prays, and lets the boys play.


2013 June 006

Little Bug is crying yet again…. she can’t possibly be hungry when I’ve fed her twice in the last hour. I know she’s not dirty, yep changed two of those diapers. Blue Eyes isn’t messing with her, he’s down for a nap (after fighting it for an hour). What on earth can Little Bug be crying about? Absolutely nothing. She’s a baby, that’s what babies do. She’ll be okay in a second when she realizes the swing is on. And as crazy as it is, she wants to be swaddled in 106 degree weather. Well we try to keep the house at 75, but still that’s hot!

I’m exhausted. Don’t worry I won’t get blunt here, but do you have any idea how hard recovery really is? You spend hours in a hospital having a baby, and a day or two after depending on how healthy mommy and baby are. The nurses were amazing and even took little bug once or twice so I could get a little sleep, but coming home… coming home is the real challenge. The first day or two you feel like your body got ran over by a truck, or maybe like you pulled every sensitive muscle in your body. No, you definitely feel like hell froze over. You still have to feed your little one every two/three hours. And it’s sensitive! Sometimes just the cloth from your clothing is enough to make you cringe. I was definitely not prepared for that with Blue Eyes, and no matter how hard you try, you forget some of it until the next little one is here. Being on demand is hard work. You have to try to come up with ways to entertain blue eyes, all while trying to keep little bug from screaming from impatience.

Thankfully Blue Eyes has discovered the wonderful world of Cars. He’s so cute. He brings me the movie case and makes the “vroom vroom” sound so I’ll let him watch it. Don’t get me wrong, that child knows more words than I’ve heard, he’s just selective about when he uses them. I will say this, Blue Eyes is super amazing when it comes to Little Bug. He looks at her and giggles. Tries to hold her and share his blankets. The only time we really have problems is days like today, where he’s a little sick and just wants to be held. Then you have to try to get him to lay across your lap so that you can also hold little bug.

Hubby has been around a lot because of baby leave. We weren’t sure he would get to use it, but 10 days of leave has been a grateful welcome to me. He’s still had to go in to work three/four days, in dress uniform to top it off! But considering it was to make sure his officer’s package was submitted, so we’ll take it. It usually takes an average of two or three submissions to get picked up (accepted) so we know it’s a long shot, but we can still dream. Last year his command royally messed up and didn’t submit a single person’s package. This year the NEW CO has talked to every single applicant to make sure that doesn’t happen again. So we have one year submitted! Well anyways, hubby’s leave will take him right up to the 4th of July. I have never understood why the military doesn’t have that day off. It is after all the celebration of our country… At least he can spend the evening with us!

As I suspected, Little Bug is out cold now. So while there is a few minutes of peace and quite I’m going to try to get some chores done.

Brotherly Love and Kiddie Pools

Little Baby Bug
My wonderful Blue Eyes adores his baby sister. That’s not to say I don’t have to watch him, on the contrary, I have to watch him even closer for that reason. More than once we have caught him trying to unswaddle our little bug and pick her up by the diaper. Or else we catch him trying to share his blanket and completely covering her face. Or his version of hugs is to roll on top of her head. I’m happy to see that he really loves his sister, but oh lord do we have our hands full.
Now that Bug is a week old, I still sit there in shock that we have two kids. It sees like just yesterday we found out about Blue Eyes. Now there are two…. My body definitely believes it, even if my head doesn’t. Recovery seems a little easier with Bug than it was for Blue Eyes. At the same time, my stomach hasn’t thinned out as fast as it did the first time. I feel better though. This time I know we are done with kids. Well at least for the next couple of years. So if I want to work out and lose some weight, it’s not a hopeless battle. Hubby even brought me some beautiful orange lilies. Okay, maybe they aren’t lilies, but I really have no idea what they are, but they are beautiful. They make me happy. I don’t like the color orange, but I love it when it comes to flowers. All of my hate towards the color orange melts and I love the beautiful color it leaves for flowers.

Flowers from my hubby

Flowers from my hubby

Daddy bought Blue Eyes a little pool this week. Oh my goodness, he turned purple playing outside and cried forever when we made him come in. I was amazed at the water features of the little pools. There is a flower that sprays over the surface and a little entry way that he can walk under and get drenched. The puppies walked in circles around it trying to figure out if it was okay for them to get wet. I have a feeling one of these days we will have several puppies in there playing with Blue Eyes.

Blue Eyes playing in his new Kiddie Pool

Blue Eyes playing in his new Kiddie Pool

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Introducing little Bug

Our little girl

Our little girl

It’s official! We are a four person family. I have to say this time around was a lot better and worse. The labor was horrible, and then as soon as the epidural kicked in, it was like all of a sudden my body remembered what to do. My little bug had the cord around her neck. Thank goodness for our doctor! We had the same one we had with Blue Eyes.
When my little bug was finally born I thought it would take a lot longer and I just asked, “That’s it?” The doctor just laughed at me.

I got to hold our little Blue Eyes first, so this time we made sure hubby got to hold his little girl first. Besides, I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. They said that my blood pressure dropped three times, but honestly, I just remember them telling me they were adding some medicine and them handing to the nurse just in case. It was one of those, I know that’s not a good sign, but I can’t seem to care at the moment.

Little bug is an amazing sleeper! I mean she likes to sleep in three and four hour stretches. Even the nurse had to try to help me wake her up. We finally just said if it’s over four hours we’ll worry, but she was pretty consistent. We were able to bring Blue Eyes in to see his sister the very first day. He absolutely loved her. He was getting high pitched and trying to hug and kiss her. He also shared his blankie with her! I never thought that would happen. Mommy on the other hand, he was pissed at. He wouldn’t come over to me, he wouldn’t look at me, and wouldn’t even say hi until he got hurt and needed mommy kisses.

we are finally home! It’s such a nice feeling. Little bug of course chose to not sleep last night now that she’s here, but I think it’s just because everything is so new. The puppies are super curious. Domino just started protecting her. He’s just like, yep, I know what this is. You brought another little bald puppy home for me. Blackjack checks on us every couple hours. I’m glad I have such good pups.

Blast from the Past

I love this look. It's pure love for a toy.

I love this look. It’s pure love for a toy.

Discovering mommy's old toys

Discovering mommy’s old toys

Walking away with mommy's toy

Walking away with mommy’s toy

Everyone has items from their past that they just aren’t able to let go of. For some reason it’s more common for girls than it is for boys. Since I’ve been crocheting again, I needed something that was roughly the size of a newborn and something roughly the size of a child. Then it hit me. In one of my boxes in the garage I have my childhood stuffed animals. One is slightly smaller and one is slightly bigger. I don’t want to use Blue Eyes’ toys because I don’t want him constantly trying to take them away from me. After all, they are his toys. So I brought my childhood toys inside. The Bear disappeared instantly. I’m not sure where Blue Eyes took it, but he claimed it instantly. Not bad for a 26 year-old bear that’s a little worn at the seams right? The other stuffed animal is my little white puppy. I’ve had a little better luck hanging on to this one. Well until tonight. Blue Eyes decided he wanted the dog. But look at these pictures and tell me, you wouldn’t hand over the puppy. I love the look in his face. That’s how toys are meant to be loved.

Realities of Memorial Day

Watch in the dead of night

Watch in the dead of night

There seems to be a little bit of an oxymoron when you say Happy Memorial Day. What’s so happy about it? I know it’s a huge day of camping and bbq-ing and spending some much needed time with our families, but do you ever just get fully smacked in the face with what Memorial Day really is? When I was a teenager our church had the amazing opportunity to have the moveable Vietnam Memorial Wall come and set up for a full week. Me, being the young teenager I was saw it as an opportunity to hang out with my friends and do some “volunteer work”. Mostly I wrapped hot dogs in foil and got into a bubble war with a couple other friends washing dishes with me. I did however take the opportunity to talk to some of the veterans and try to see life from their point of view. My family has been military for several generations. My great-grandfather, grandfather (both sides), one of my grandmothers, dad, sister and myself have all served in some branch of the military. Heck, my birthday and my great-grandfathers are over the 4th of July holiday. For this reason alone, I have always felt some pride and patriotism for our country. But seeing those veterans stand in front of that monument was a sight I will never forget. There were grown men broken down in tears over names that meant something to them. There were others seeking counseling for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome who had swore they were no longer affected by it. There were others who had to leave before the 21 gun salute because the sound of fire still caused them to shudder where they stood. There were wives and children, and grandchildren waiting patiently while their loved one sought a final good-bye and hopefully found some closure in this honored memorial.

Sometimes I feel a little callused. My friends will show me stories that are touching about military wives or members of the military. My heart gets sad when I see some of the stories, and yes I had to learn to shut that part of me down at times. If I sit and think of being on a ship, or how my hubby was gone for nine months, or how my sister had to raise her baby alone for nine months, or the family my brother in law had to leave behind, or any of the millions of things my family has done I won’t make it. It’s a fact of life to me. It’s horrible to have family members gone, it’s miserable to spend my time wishing I could talk to my hubby, or we have ____ so many months left. So like many other military wives, I shut down. I turn out the emotions and deal with the day to day. So yes, I feel a little callused. But when the emotions break through, it’s hard to shut them back down.

There are things that will always break through. Watching an elder veteran struggle to stand and salute HIS flag, watching a family meet up for the first time in months/years, and seeing little kids in mini uniforms. Another thing that will always make me cry is the song “Just a Dream” with Carrie Underwood. It came out the year before I got married. When my hubby and I were planning our wedding, we were trying to balance the time with being out to sea for two months at a time, and my ship was scheduled to go out to see for 9 months, his ship leaving before I even got home. We were facing at least a year and a half apart and had to decide, do we get married before or after. Do we love each other enough to make it through a year and a half of barely being able to talk. The first time I heard Just a Dream, I was trying to decide to between wedding dresses. Sitting there listening to that song I broke down. I couldn’t tell you what tomorrow was going to be like. I couldn’t tell you if we were going to be safe overseas, or if I’d even get to see my new husband before the next time one of us was gone again. To know when you say good-bye that it may very well be the last time can be overwhelming sometimes. Thankfully I didn’t end up on my deployment, so it gave us a few more short months to talk, but even then we weren’t living in the same state. I was on my ship in Virginia, he was out in California. It makes me grateful for today. That he has only missed a couple months of our little blue eyes’ life. I’m grateful he isn’t scheduled to leave for our little girl’s birth. I’m happy about the three or four hints I’ve gotten on facebook for cookies tonight…. and I’m grateful we got one more holiday together.

Enjoy your families tonight. Enjoy the time you have and the bbq’s you can plan. Thank you all for your service and your support to those who have served.

I don’t know why she swallowed a fly…… I think she’ll die (Memorial Weekend)

Blue Eyes is a Morning Bird and a Camera Ham

Blue Eyes is a Morning Bird and a Camera Ham

It was that kind of morning…. I’ve been slowly getting sick for a week or two. You know when you can feel it sneaking up for you and although you take all of your vitamins, you can feel it sinking in. This morning as I was cuddling with Blue Eyes, I felt all of a sudden like something was caught in my throat and started coughing. All I could think was oh great, it’s hit. Until I coughed so hard I ended up coughing up a fly. I know you eat like 8 spiders a year in your sleep, but I was awake. How the heck did I swallow a fly?? I’m officially grossed out. It’s one of those things that you try not to think about because it will make you queasy or not want to sleep. Or am I one of those weird people who sits there and are freaks out at the thought of what if I swallow a poisonous spider. Something I’ve freaked out about many times.

This week has been an adjustment. School is over and I’m readjusting to being a stay at home mom. Oh believe me, Mr. Blue Eyes has so much energy! I knew he was active, but sometimes I don’t realize it starts at 0730 and doesn’t end until bedtime. Even with nap times, you feel like you catch a breather and off you go again. Thank goodness for naptimes. :0) Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I feel like there are a million things to do, but realistically all we really need is diapers and a car seat. We have clothes and bottles. We have a pack and play with a bassinet (same one from blue eyes) and honestly we aren’t much for decorating. My living room still only has thee pictures and looks pretty empty. I have newborn toys left from blue eyes, although some of them could probably use replaced.

Hubby got an actual three day weekend for memorial day…. Well sort of. A couple of his co-workers made rank this week and it was the frocking ceremony. He was asked if he would pin the new rank on their uniform. It may sound like a tedious task, but sometimes to be asked is one of the biggest honors. So he went in to work for them. He also used the time to help submit his officers package. I don’t know if you’ve had any experience with this, but I’m getting frustrated. He pointed out some issues (I am trying to be tactful here) a while back and while he did the right thing, it brought unwanted attention to his old work. Now they are fighting every technicality of submitting his package. It’s really annoying. We know there isn’t the greatest chance of getting picked up the first time, but we need it in so he has a chance next time! ¬†

Our three day weekend also got interrupted for a Command Picnic, known by most military¬†people as Mandatory Fun. While it can be nice to interact with some of the other families, I dislike dressing for a picnic that you’re going to get dirty. :0) Pleasantly enough, this was the most laid back command picnic I’ve ever seen. I do wish they’d considered a park or somewhere where the kids could run though. They rented a bouncy house for the bigger kids, but many of us had little ones Blue Eyes’ age. I let him run around the tables and climb on the benches because there was no way I was going to coop him up for the event. We didn’t stay long because it was during Blue Eyes’ nap time and I’ve been getting a lot of contractions lately. I’m thinking little miss may be in a hurry to arrive.

I do hope you will take a moment to remember our fallen veterans this weekend. I know this is a big bbq weekend, and a time for family. Please remember there are families who will be looking on this as a time for remembering and there will be tears shed this weekend. There will be veterans who stop to remember a friend who is no longer here, or even their own close call with death. Enjoy your family, and know we serve because we want to, but please don’t take that for granted. Your freedom was won with blood, sweat, and tears.

Shined and Polished

Shined and Polished

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