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Monster Kisses, Oodles of Noodles and Pink Lemonade….

Mr. Blue Eyes and his favorite blanket

Mr. Blue Eyes and his favorite blanket

How is it that kids can be sick, up all night and still manage to wake up at the crack of dawn? Not to mention the constant need to cuddle and cry at the same time. Then as suddenly as it starts, it stops. A runny nosed boy runs off to climb on his rocking giraffe. Just when I think I have a second to relax, he runs back over and climbs in my lap. How sweet baby blue is giving monster kisses…. not! He clamped down on my cheek so hard, I have a huge welt from his top and bottom teeth. He got an early nap after that.

Mr. Blue Eyes has been so much happier after a forced nap. He may be finally getting better. We played with our toys and take a ton of noodles. Do you remember that book Oodles and Oodles of Noodles? My kid loves noodles.

Oodles and Oodles of Noodles

Oodles and Oodles of Noodles

He spent the rest of the day happy as can be, running around. The only time he was really upset is when Uncle went outside to work on the yard. He was upset that he couldn’t be out there too. It was so cute to see him trying to open the door with one of the puppies sitting next to him waiting to go.

looking out the window

To cap off my little terror’s busy day, he played with mommy’s pots and pans and a wooden spoon. I didn’t worry since Uncle was in there with him, but all of a sudden I hear “Oh Blue Eyes NO.” I dash into the kitchen to see Uncle comin back in from the other side and my Pink Lemonade mix all over the floor. Blue Eyes was dipping his fingers in the container and licking them. You know how your parents always say, “I hope you get one just like you.” ? Well, there you go. I got what I did as a child. The only difference is that I did it with baby powder and syrup.

Now if you pardon me, I think I will go hide the syrup.

The Spouse that was.

Most of my posts are realistically about my baby boy, dogs or daily life as a military spouse. I make no claim to be an expert at politics and although I personally support many causes, I don’t look to convert you. My main goal is to make people aware. I’ve done posts on Breast Cancer awarness and WAS syndrome, as they pertain to my life and the people I am close to. In the past couple months I’ve come across another area that I prayed I would never have to deal with, or have any of my friends deal with; domestic violence.

There is no easy way to bring up the matter, and there is no denying it is more common than people would think. In the recent months I’ve had two people that either I or my husband are close to, become victims of it. These two people are the last people I’d expect to have to deal with this. They are smart, strong and independent. So what do I do? My husband and I are both strong believers in protecting people from these kinds of problems, but we can’t step in and make someone leave. In both cases they were military and their chains of command were informed of the situation. Both have been offered a place to stay here if they so choose to leave, but I can’t make the first step for them.

The military does not offer enough resources for these spouses. They are moved from their home every 2-5 years and often live a life of solitude because it’s hard to get to know other military spouses. Not to mention, many of them have no way to support their families so even if they do want to leave, they can’t. Commands often brush these issues under the rug or offer ‘Counseling’ to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But nobody really empowers the spouse to leave. They are not offered places to go, schooling or childcare help so they can get on their own feet.

Talking to a couple people I realized that anyone in this situation needs several things packed in an emergency bag.
-Pay by the minute phone, so you can call for help
-Spare car key, so if yours gets taken, you have a way to leave.
-Extra money in a form that cannot be cut off or taken.
-Copy of all important documents (birth certificates, social security cards, proof of insurrance, passports)
Clothes, for every weather. Don’t leave in the middle of winter without a coat
Toys for your babies
Granola bars or something to get you through the first night

It may be hard to confide in a friend, but that friend could save you and your babies lives if you have to leave. It may be hard to find information on a deadline, but here are a few sites I’ve found with information for both the vitim, their family or friends.

Military One Source

Kim Rabb wrote a really good article about military domestic violence. did an article on it as well.

The American Bar Association put out these statistics.

Help for Domestic Violence

Just a little bump.

six months

six months

School….. I am almost finished. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year already. This past week or two I’ve been going extra days making sure I can graduate in time. I found out my test date is only two weeks before I’m due and I want to make sure there are no delays. I can cut hair, curl and style. I’ve learned to do acrylic nails (which I didn’t think possible) and I can give a mean pedicure. Well, when my belly isn’t in the way. Yep, I have a bump now. It took six months, but I actually look pregnant now.

Mr. Blue eyes is a handful these days. He moves quicker than I can catch him. He’s so cute though. Dances to all the music on tv and loves to climb on things. You have to watch the desk and tables constantly. The cutest thing ever is that he now puts cereal in everyone’s mouth. He likes to share kix. As I’m trying to type, my little dare devil climbed unto his rocking giraffe and tried to stand up, while pulling his blanket up with him. Thankfully it didn’t end in disaster. But with how active he is, it’s really hard for me to keep up. I’m also having a hard time reaching the floor now. So the living room doesn’t stay as clean as it should. I feel bad, but it gets me out of breath. It wouldn’t be so bad if little girl would sit up where Mr. blue eyes did. But she wants to sit super low.

Where did January go?

Mr. Blue Eyes on his rocking Giraffe

Mr. Blue Eyes on his rocking Giraffe

Wow, Time has been flying. The last time I believe I posted my baby boy had just turned one! It’s hard to believe that I am already almost 5 months pregnant, and that soon we will be welcoming Mr. Blue Eye’s little sister into the world. It seems like every day Mr. Blue Eyes learns something new. He now tells me thank you and wet. He has decided to veto nap time, but he really still needs them, so we have a routine now to make it easier on mommy.

I wish I could say things were more exciting, but I’m thankful for a break. We never did get all of our belongings back from the robbery, but our insurance was amazing and we have been able to replace some of the most important things. Such as a computer for school work and some of the tools my hubby needs for finishing some home improvement projects. His latest project was to cut a whole in my wall to begin a built in bookshelf. We desperately need storage in this house, and I can’t wait to have my books and movies off of the floor. Not that I mind, but Mr. Blue Eyes has a fascination with pulling them all off of the little shelves he can reach. I find them all over the house.

We are ordering a potty for him soon. Everyone keeps telling me it’s a little early, but he is fascinated by the potty and is starting to tell me when he’s wet. He also likes to go around naked and we can usually catch him before he can pee. So we may have an early potty trainer! It would be nice to have him mostly trained before our baby girl gets here. I know there will be remissions on some things, but he really does like to be a big boy, so I’m hoping for the best.

School for me is almost finished. I’m down to about 130 hours. It will be a bitter-sweet ending. I really do enjoy school, despite the fact that it is a beauty college and there is a lot of drama. I love doing hair every day and finding out the proper way to do a facial or remove hair. There are so many areas you can go into with licensing. I can’t wait to find what area I like best. I have my state board paperwork in. They messed it up a little so I will be almost nine months pregnant when I take my test, but at least I will be near an Air Force Base, so if anything happens, I can get in right away.

I’m not sure how I’d feel about having my baby somewhere else. Air Force bases are amazing for family care, but I really like my doctor here. She was fantastic with Mr. Blue and even though I had to be induced, I felt almost no pain in childbirth. I could tell them when I was having a contraction and they didn’t have to monitor the contractions at all. It’s funny how even you’ve had a baby, you are still afraid of childbirth. I made it once, and yes it was horrible pain physically even if I couldn’t feel it, but some of the migraines I’ve had seem worse. Maybe because after a baby you get the beautiful result. At the end of a migraine, all you feel is dear God don’t let me have another one.

My hubby is doing well in his school as well. His school can’t be as fast paced since he is still in the Navy, but he takes two courses at a time and should be finished next year. That will be nice because even though he has an officer’s package in already, this will give him another way to try to make rank. He likes being in the Navy, but sometimes I know he wishes he would have finished his degree first and then gone in. Here’s hoping everything is in his favor! His test scores were really high, so I’m hoping that will help him. We won’t find out for almost a year, but the rate January flew, I’m sure it will go quickly.

The pups are getting big these days. The smallest one is now Domino. Gamble will probably be as big as Blackjack is (105 lbs). Bear may get as tall but he will always be lighter and skinnier. Domino has settled down now that he has had his second birthday. And yes, my puppies get carrot cake on their birthdays. He is definitely my dog and has been my faithful companion with pregnancy, the same way he was during Mr. Blue. Blackjack is still the same sweet old man that he has been. Everyone always wants to buy him from us, but at seven my hubby would kill anyone who tried. He moves slower now when it’s cold. I think his hips bother him, but I’m still surprised that he can keep up with the pups. Gamble is very hard headed, but he’s also the only one who lets Mr. Blue climb all over him. He is very patient and just lays there till little man gets bored and wanders off. Bear has turned out to be a mommy’s dog. He lays right on top of me if Domino doesn’t already have the stop. He wants love and attention all the time. He grumbles a little at the baby and doesn’t always get along with the other dogs at the park, but I think that’s because he’s the runt. He’s still a good dog and thankfully they chew less than they used to.

What has the world come to?

What has the world come to?

I found this a little heartbreaking this year.



This has got to be one of my favorite recent pictures. He wasn’t really dancing, but looking at his hands and arms. He’s getting so big, that I take a million pictures of him. He has become a camera hog as well. He always stares right at the camera or climbes right up to it.

BIL fixed the computer cord yesterday, so I’m able to at least play on my computer. I tried to give Mr. Blue Eyes some peas yesterday. Poor baby had hives on his face. Apparently we don’t do peas in this house. I can’t say I’m heartbroken, both my hubby and I hate them. That’s the first food I’ve seen little man have a bit of a reaction to. Maybe we’ll try them again when he’s older. If not, it won’t break my heart.

Yesterday I went out for a little while. I really just needed out of the house. Nothing against BIL but I told him my dogs were too smart to leave out in the backyard while I walked around the stores. But he left them out there anyways. As we got home, I see three tails running back to the house. The back gate was standing wide open (Blackjack can open it) and they were filthy! Who knows where they went. Thankfully Blackjack always comes back, and since he is the ringleader we got the others back. I was worried when we only saw three tails. That means one little one is not here. After putting Baby Blue in the stroller and starting to search everywhere, BIL goes into the backyard to put the other pups away. There’s his pup sitting right at the backdoor. Thank goodness!!!

I always said Blackjack was my Houdini. Always escaping before I knew what to do. Thankfully Domino is too little even if he knows how to escape. I’m worried about Bear and Gamble though. They are both smart, and Gamble will be a lot bigger than Bear, and with them both being smart I’m afraid my Houdini days are not over yet.

I had all of these big plans for Hubby’s underway, but as I said before Mrs. Murphy decided to come for a visit. Now I’ll be lucky if I can catch up on laundry and some of the house work. I had hoped to clean up our guest bedroom so we can put some carpet in there soon. I’d also hoped to get some of the painting done on the front of the house since its finally cool enough that the paint can go on the house now. Maybe I’ll be able to get some of the house painted. We’ll see.

Other than that, we’re planning one more bbq while the weather is still wonderful. The puppies get their final shots soon, then I can take all four back to the dog park. That will be a nice little outing. I’m going to have to get Mr. Blue Eyes some shoes if I want to. There is no way he’ll be happy in the stroller anymore.

I’m sure blue eyes will be glad when daddy gets home. We took a photo off the wall and he kept trying to eat daddy’s face. :0)


Yes Mr. Blue Eyes, help yourself….

My Dear Readers:

I love mashed potatoes. I mean to say, I will eat them instead of a meal. Apparently, my son does as well. While I left my bowl out to cool, he decided to help himself. Dear Readers, this is what happens when Mr. Blue Eyes decides he’s hungry for mommy’s bowl.

-Military Bride

Guess I’ll just eat dirt…

I guess I’ll go eat dirt

I should have called this blog the Adventures of Baby Blue Eyes and Little Bear. It seems like they are growing faster than I can keep up. Baby blue eyes loves being outside. I mean LOVES it. You open the door and out he goes. Generally he crawls to the edge of the grass and sits there while Little bear runs around him. Yesterday he was feeling especially brave and I found him out in my garden beds. Even that normally wouldn’t concern me, except for the fact that it’s a newly planted area (potatos) and little bear was digging up all of my hubby’s hard work. As cute as it was, I needed to get the puppy out of the dirt. Not before I snap a couple pictures! This poor kid is going to have a lot of explaining to do when he’s older.

As he dangled his fingers into the fresh patch of dirt I called his name. That didn’t stop him. With a big grin he stuck the whole fist full of dirt into his mouth. I wish I could have gotten his reaction on film. It would have been a priceless photo. It was a mixture of ew… what was I thinking, and hey, this isn’t so bad. Upon sending a picture to grammy all I heard was, “finally payback.” Thanks mom. I’m sure I deserve this, and everything else baby blue pulls as a child. As a teenager, that’s all my hubby’s fault. I was a good teen, he was the bad one.

Thankfully for the moment the most exciting things in my life are these two little rascals. Well normally Little Bear’s brother Gamble, and Domino are mixed in with these antics as well. Thankfully Domino only gets involved if there is food, and Gamble was off trying to escape. Blackjack supervises, but he generally lets them do what they want as long as they don’t bother him.

wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah

baby blue being goofy

I love spending time with baby blue in the mornings. Yes its early and of course I happen to be a night person, but baby blue is not. You can’t help but love this cheesey face from my little man. He’s such a sweetheart too. We got up early and first things first, I get major hugs and giggles. Then this picture. He played happily while mommy wrapped up in a blanket and tried to wake up. Thank goodness for toys and cartoons. Oh and puppies. Bear ran around giving baby blue kisses every time he made a full circle.

Eventually he of course had to nap, and mommy got to nap too. He slept most of the day. I did find a top tooth! No wonder he’s been sleeping so much. His poor little mouth hurts. Like most weekends, we decided to bbq since it’s been record highs this month. Some of our good friends came over and were trying to teach baby blue to dance. Baby blue just giggled like crazy and kept looking at him like what on earth is this?

So baby blue, wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle on…. dance all you want little man.

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